Drift Toyota AE86: talisman of sideways sliding

Cars Culture

"Hachi-Roku. Corolla. Levin. Trueno. Sprinter. Whatever you call the thing, Toyota’s AE86 designation - that is the two-door, rear wheel drive, vaguely wedge-shaped, mid-range sports coupé produced between 1983 and 1987 - is the most definitive vehicle in the short history "

The Evolution of the Citroën 2CV

"The 2CV was famously conceived by Citroën President Pierre Boulanger to drag the French farming population into the modern era - but in introducing this car he unwittingly created one of the most enduring archetypes of global car culture. "

On Weekend by Jean-Luc Godard

People Culture

"When you glance back to the art being made in Europe around the time of the May ’68 student riots, there’s often a desire to connect the Molotov ministrations that were occurring on the streets to the palpable sense of "

French Car Culture in Five Interesting Objects

"We don't know how to define it. But there's something distinct about French car culture. It's encoded in the machinery that is made, designed and consumed in France, too. Here are five objects that put clear water between the culture "

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