BMW: Joy


" image via The Always Gentleman Car companies obviously spend a hell of a lot of money on ad campaigns. As close watchers of the various ways that car makers seek constantly to reinvent themselves we were of course excited about "

Blitz Motorcycles


" It's refreshing to know that the Eurotrash can get down with raw motorcycles every bit as much as our American cousins. Blitz Motorcycles are a bunch of Parisian hipster gearheads who know the meaning of road trips and cycling freedom. "

What is the Cool?


" This weekend, after a wet and windy saturday afternoon session in front of The Thomas Crown Affair (yes, a very blokey indulgence between rugby matches), we set to thinking that why, exactly, is Steve McQueen so 'cool' and what, exactly "

Linda Vaughn


" Regular readers will doubtlessly realise that we here at Influx Towers are fascinated by Show Girls. The fact that our own lovely Fluxbabes are at the pinnacle of the promotional profession has something to do with it. But, the axe "

Cars As Movie Stars


"[gallery link="file"] It's a bit of a cliché to say that cars are often the stars of many a movie. But sometimes its not the tyre smoking rubber-laying car-chase moments through cinematic streets that are the lasting impressions. There "

HD Classics from Japan


" image Nissan press If modern Japanese classics are your thing, you have to take a look at this very beautifully made HD video from the people at JDM classics. Sometimes, looking at flat pictures fails to capture the true essence "

Cockpit Porn


" Still reeling from the breathtaking beauty of the McLaren display at the recent Autosport Show, we couldn't help but share with you this delectable pic of the cockpit of McLaren's 1989 successor to the all-conquering MP4/4. We're not sure wether this "

Friday Car Crush # 9


" We're usually pretty skeptical about the merits of bonkers track day variants of existing cars. So, when the coming of BMW's no holds barred trackday monster was announced a while back, we didn't really take much notice. But having eyeballed "

Irving Penn’s Hell’s Angels

Bikes People

" Irving Penn is undoubtedly one of the true masters of the photographic portrait. When he photographed a bunch of Hells Angels for Look Magazine in 1968 all the classic Penn elements were there - there was the stark backdrop; the steely "

GT40 Love


" It was an obvious choice - the definitive fast ford, one that will always be remembered as the Ferrari and Porsche-slaying slab of automotive sinew and muscle that rode to glory. And we'll never get tired of posting onboard footage "

William Eggleston’s Cars

Cars People

" American photographer William Eggleston was the first artist who used colour photography to be accepted as a 'serious' artist by the Art Establishment. His coolly abstracted lens was taken up wholeheartedly by film makers like Gus Van Sant , Wim Wenders "

New Ferrari Unveiled


" It has four wheel drive. It has four seats. It has two doors. Its engine is a 6.2 directly injected V12 and is going to be packing a claimed 660 cavalli, with a new class leading weight ratio of 2.7 horses per KG. "

New Fiat 500 Campaign


"[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"] Spanish agency Leo Burnett Iberia have come up with an interesting, colourful print campaign designed to hammer home the message that consumers can design their own cinquecento. Brazilian Illustrator and Art Director Bruno Nakano "