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"In the late 80's the youth of Ireland had a narrow escape when Stephen Davison gave up his plans to become a school teacher.  "I would have been a crap school teacher- I was only interested in the steady money "

Ride Fast: Turn Left!


"There’s a saying ‘The best way to make a small fortune in magazine publishing is to start with a large one.’ But that’s not entirely true. It depends on your targets and motivations. I’m a self-taught journalist. "

Rockers’ Revenge_1

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"[gallery link="file" ids="13647,13650,13651,13652,13644" orderby="title"] Dressed up like a bunch of dandy highwaymen - and women, marauders spat out of a time-tunnel into the smog of rush-hour traffic in central London. The Mean and sos are a "

Rockers’ Revenge_2

Bikes Culture

"‘Dixon of Dock Green’ wasn’t exactly ‘The Wire’. But, back in the fifties, a big percentage of Britain’s population would tune in each week to see wrongs righted and bad ‘uns brought to justice. One episode concerned itself "

Man and Boy


"Have a look through your old family photo albums. We bet that there will be at least one picture of a father, son, uncle or brother bestride a motorbike. It might not be a particularly interesting machine. The lighting may "

Techno Philia


"This is an extraordinary time for motorcycling and an extraordinary time to be a motorcyclist. The horizon has shifted and a new era of automation has arrived – where the once raw, mechanical simplicity of a bike (two wheels, engine, seat) "

Analogue Eye Candy

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"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] The glossy car magazines are awash with too perfect images. The super hi-def imagery that accompanies every automotive launch, editorial story, and TV slot leaves too little mystery. Digital renderings make even the most workaday "

Geneva Salon Roundup


" I'm not the greatest lover of motor shows. They’re all titillation and no consummation. I’ve never really understood their appeal in the same way I don’t get strip clubs. Just looking at cars is the same as "

Ming Thein’s Lego GTO


" While the Geneva Salon goes mental for a succession of hybrid concepts in supercar packages, we were delighting in the technical exactitide of this beautiful recreation of the Ferrari 250 GTO in Lego form. Malaysian theoretical physicist, photojournalist and Lego-kinky craftsman "

Witness the Phatness


" It occurred to us whilst discussing the finer points of car design recently that if you had do define one thing that appealed to you about a certain sort of car and had to ascribe an adjective to it, that "

Calder and the CSL


" Now I know we might be accused of becoming a little obsessed with the rakish lines of the BMW CSL of late, and that we also bang on a little about the relationship between art and the car. But indulge "

Our Favourite Lamborghinis


" Lamborghini have produced some of the most hardcore cars ever to grace the streets. The overt machismo of the designs aren't to everyone's taste. But you can't help but admire the definition of automotive exotic. Here are a few of "

Retro Karting in the Spotlight


" The Race Retro show has been getting better and better over the years, with everything the tweedy obsessive of all things automotive and old could wish for. This year as well as the usual gems from the history of British "