Alfa Romeo Montreal


" It never ceases to cheer us up to see look at the gorgeous lines of the Alfa Romeo Montreal, which was penned by Lamborghini Muira designer Marcello Gandini whilst working at the Bertone Carrozzeria toward the end of the sixties. "

The Ultimate Man Cave?


" There's something extremely decadent about living with your motor. And when that motor is a steel grey Ferrari 512 BB, then not only is the decadence justified - it's also delicious. Imagine taking that young lady circa 1985, back to the pad "

Norse Gods

Cars Culture

"[gallery link="file" ids="14481,14482,14483,14484,14485,14486,14487,14488,14489,14490,14491,14492,14493"] Sometimes, to really understand a car, you have to see it in its native habitat. So if you’ve never really got Swedish cars, and never really understood why some people are so obsessed with them "

Eleven Ice-Cold Scandinavian Cars…


"Top 11 Scandinavian cars Zenvo ST1 [gallery=116] Where do you start with the Zenvo ST1? With the fact this it is Denmark’s first and only supercar? With its extreme, angular, ground-breaking looks? With its equally extreme power and torque figures, "

The Forest Fighters


"Swedes: outdoor types. Your Swede is not intimidated by a bit of inclement weather. While the majority of British motorcyclists hibernate (some, it has to be said, to save their bikes from being eaten by road salt), Anders Nordén "

The Flying Finns


"The first Finnish sportsman to be dubbed ‘The Flying Finn’ actually used foot power rather than horsepower. It was a fellow called Hannes Kolehmainen, also known as ‘Smiling Hannes’ who won three gold medals at the 1912 Olympics in neighbouring Stockholm. "

Stig and the Saab 99


"As a kid, I was obsessed with Saabs. There was something supremely left-field about them. Something that whispered of the alternative, the coldly exotic. And one of the main reasons for the obsession was that they were driven on the "

S60 and 95 – New Swedish Ambassadors


"There are at least two key launches this year from Scandinavian manufacturers, and both of these are in the rather crowded 'premium saloon' segment. After announcing their best first quarter for eighteen years, Volvo are throwing their hat in this "

The X Factor


" Portuguese artist Miguel Palma is fascinated by technology and the way that it affects people's lives. So when he found his 1963 Jaguar Mark Ten in his native Lisbon, a natural curiosity about the graceful beauty's lineage led him to create "

The Cult of DeLorean


" Here at Influx towers we're not sure if we fully understand the ongoing and widespread obsession with the 1980s. But one thing we definitely admire are the period angles of the ill fated Delorean DMC-12. The car was the brainchild "

If You Want to be Happy…


" On this particular day, when we've been saturated with admonitions to change your own and your neighbour's lives by sticking a little cross next to one politician or another's name, we thought that the various spin doctors of party politics "

Mazda RX-7 Group B


"We stumbled across this rare and rather killer footage of the fleeting moments of Mazda's RX7 Group B career on the highly entertaining Japanese Nostalgic Car blog. Listen to the sound of the RX7's high-revving rotary engine, and enjoy "