The New Lotus Elite


" In ten days time Lotus will unveil their redefinition of the "modern classic" in the shape of the new Lotus Elite. If you won't be at the Paris Motor Show to enjoy this new machine in its full glory, here's "

Definitive Cars of the 1980s


"Escort XR3i Image: Chris Taylor Near ubiquitous in the suburban environs of Britain in the mid eighties, Ford’s everyman classic is possibly Britain’s most instantly recognisable eighties motor. Porsche 911 (959) Spookily locked in tight to the aesthetic of "

Arcade Fire


"If you were a child in the 1980s, you will remember Outrun. The fact that are reading this is probably in large part because of Outrun. It's easy, of course, to overstate cultural influences, and to tease a thread out "

Definitive Motorbikes of the 1980s


"The eighties in bike culture was a story of Japanese dominance and technical innovation. European brands suffered greatly from the explosion in popularity of fast, reliable and colourful machines coming out of the far east, which were rooted in high "

Montecarlo or Bust!


"The North of the 80s, the North of my coming of age felt like a giant oil-grey canvas and we stamped our youthful enthusiasm across it in a rainbow of defiance. Against a backdrop of the miners strike, soaring unemployment "

Knight Rider, Neon Soul


"Somewhere in the saturday evenings of the eighties, I was led to believe that cars could have soul. But the sort of soul that I imagined wasn't the cod-mystic, seventies-bred abstract quirkiness of Herbie. No sir. In the eighties, our "

Turbo Redux


"In 1966, 3-litre normally aspirated engine regulations were introduced to F1 with a 1.5-litre equivalency formula for anyone wanting to run a turbo instead. Nobody did. Until, that is, a decade later. The British Grand Prix of 1977 saw two highly significant "

Saatchi’s Life


"  This ad for the tenth anniversary Datsun Z-car screams sells old-fashioned , mustached sex... [youtube][/youtube] And this will make you look at the Ford Sierra anew... [youtube]"

Banger Love


" Got to thinking the other day that most of the time on British roads it’s pointless having a ridiculously fast car. Having hundreds of frisky ponies under the bonnet certainly gets you places with panache, resonance, and a certain "

Vintage Surf Wagons


" Strange Cornubian happenings continue to emerge now that the bulk of we grockles have gone back upcountry to our landlocked hovels, chained to our TFTs dreaming of halcyon days of summertime surf. Last weekend the World Bellyboard Championships attracted the "

This weekend: Le Mans Series at Silverstone


" This weekend at Silverstone there's an opportunity to check out some full blooded sportscar action. The Le Mans series is an evocative formula: an opportunity to get familiar with real endurance racing in advance of that inevitable pilgrimage to Circuit "

First Hand: The Volvo S60


" Upon arrival at Aberdeen airport, two very established, very male motor journos and I were presented with a shining row of old Volvo estates. We were assigned one that was a year younger than me – an F reg. Thankfully being "

Neo Rod Culture

Cars Culture

" Sometimes as a European, it's hard to empathise with what turns people on about classic hot rods. The history of rise and rise of the stripped down DIY form is so essentially American, you get the feeling to be turned "