Car Crush No.5: Maserati A6G Zagato


" Sometimes a car stops you in its tracks through its sheer beauty. It happened this morning, and we had to share. This latest aesthetic epiphany occurred in the midst of a discussion about whether or not Zagato had made any "

James Hunt ‘Press Conference’, 1976


" They don't make them like James any more. He was legendarily chaotic. Before each race he was terrified at the prospect of crashing and burning and dying. He was a unrepentant smoker, drinker and party guy. But he could drive. "

Alfa Anniversary


" If you're even vaguely interested in car culture, you must have realised by now that Alfa Romeo has recently celebrated its Centenary. There's already been an acreage of coverage of stuff about the great marque, whose fortunes of late have "

Porsche Tapiro


" Fans of Giugiaro's Lotus Esprit like to imagine that all design roads from the sixties and the seventies lead to their beloved. But whether or not the evolution of car design would inevitably get the Esprit's wedge-like sleekness or not, "

Mini 1275 or Super Compact?


" We at Influx towers are in the middle of a practical car debate. Sometimes you need a little runabout. And we at Influx towers are in need of a runabout in the shape of a Mini 1275 GT. There are a "

Shinya Kimura

People Culture

" Portrait via The Japanese are blessed with a long tradition of rigorous craftsmanship. From calligraphy and type design to silk printing and sword making – there are centuries old ways of doing things that put process as far "

Hemi ‘Cuda!


" In the process of research for our forthcoming seventies edition, we came across what is definitely my favourite piece of American muscle. The 1970 'Hemi 'Cuda' was the top of the range sports version of Plymouth's workhouse the Barracuda, and was "

Firenza! Vauxhall Exotica


" At one level Britain in the early seventies must have been a pretty dreary place. There were power cuts. There was widespread industrial strife. The sixties were over, the Beatles had split and things looked bleak. And the usual array "

Japan Tweaks ‘Koreisha’ badges


" According to JNCB the Japanese government is bringing out a new Koreisha Mark- which is a badge that senior citizens are required to wear on their cars - to warn, presumably, the genral public of their elderly status. Apparently a "

Hedi Slimane’s Rolls Royce Corniche


"[gallery link="file"] Whilst in a particularly patriotic mood last week and putting together our Brit theme (this has nothing to do with the football, we should add), we stumbled across the beautiful shots of Hedi Slimane's 1985 Rolls Royce Corniche. "

Senna’s NSX Masterclass

Cars People

" In 1991 the launch of Honda's NSX had a tectonic effect on the world of supercars. Japan's first pretender to the throne of track bred, street-legal speed was light and preternaturally responsive - but was also rigorously reliable and easy to "

Guzman’s Third

Bikes People

" NYC based lensmen Cicero deGuzman JR knows how to train a lens on a motorbike. We recieved word from Cicero this morning, informing us that the 3rd dispatch from his grease-caked world has been published. Unfortunately we couldn't make it "

England’s Glory


"Forget casinos. The fastest way – literally – to make a small fortune out of a large one is to try to create your own British sports car. History is littered with sports car firms that have gone spectacularly bust, yet every "