Gerry Anderson Made us Want Exotic Cars!


" Around Christmas time I can't help but hanker after those simpler, more innocent times,. We reckon we got our passion for exotic vehicles from the untrammelled futurism of seventies children's TV And renderings of cool vehicles were never more colourful "

Holiday Car Crush: Lotus Europa


"[gallery link="file"] It was light, had it's engine just behind the driver's seats and looked if you squinted like a breadvan kit car from the future. But the original Lotus Europa holds a place close to our hearts because, "

So This is Christmas


" This image brings together three things that highly topical and relevant to our wintertime automotive dreams. Snow, John Lennon and All Terrain Vehicles. We can't be sure where this pic was taken, or what the name/model/spec of the "

Not Only Red


"[gallery link="file"] We've never understood why it's so important for Ferraris to be red. Always struck us as a little silly to spend hundreds of thousand of pounds on something a whole bunch of other people have got. And "

HWY: An American Pastoral


" In our constant trawl of the archives to find fresh and interesting material on the mythology of the road trip, we recently came up with this obscure but spookily resonant flick. HWY: An American Pastoral is a 50 minute experimental piece "

Heroes & Villains

Cars People

"1: The DeTomaso Pantera [gallery=141] Is this an Argentinian, Italian or an American car? Not sure, but its street brawler's yankee heart crossed with latino styling set hearts racing from the pampas to the prairies. Marketed squarely at Americans when it "

The Art of the Muscle Car


"[gallery link="file"] The American muscle car: whether you worship the road that they tear up or turn your nose up at their raw, unrefined power - deep down everyone harbours a secret desire to own one. A Dodge Charger "

Super Mario!


"If ever there was a 24 carat hall of famer, it’s Mario Andretti. Pulled over in the UK, it’s, “who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?” But for the Smokies in the USA, it’s always Mario. On "

American Anglofailure


"This might come as a shock, but we Brits do not have a ‘special relationship’ with the United States. Anyone involved in motorcycling during the Fifties and Sixties, however, might have thought otherwise. Sure, British bikes flooded into North America "

Ghost to the Ghost Towns


"“You need to understand that I live in a town of eight men. No women. Out of the other seven guys, six are alcoholics. The maintenance guy is an alcoholic. The guy who runs the post office is an alcoholic. "

Cars & Girls #2

Cars People

" One of the main avenues of expressive Americana is the motor car. And of course, the way the American dream has been sold, consumed and explored has always been through the car. It's no surprise, then, that the way cars "

Lotus Cortina Love


" We can't be alone in thinking it would be amazing if our favourite Norfolk brand that specialises in lightweight sports cars would collaborate with Ford and come up with a racing edition of today's equivalent Dagenham-bred workhorse. We suppose that "

Xmas List: TAG Silverstone and Jarama S


"[gallery link="file"] We were thinking recently about how period design in vastly different media can have massive natural empathy. The twin male obsessions with technical brilliance and desirability are demonstrated by the timepiece industry's natural affiliation with cars and "