Grayson Perry Goes Biking!

Bikes People

" Looking like something that might have been ridden by Penelope Pitstop gone bike crazy crossed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the nine-and-a-half foot long bike commissioned by artist Grayson Perry is a sight to behold. And it was on this "

Car Crush No. 7: Alfa TZ3 Corsa


" Not sure how we missed it at the time, but back in April at the exceedingly posh Villa D'Este car show, an incredible one-off special was announced that celebrated Alfa's 100th year. Just as well we didn't spot it at "

Homage to the Winged Warrior…


" These pics of the homologation special from Dodge in 1969 really evokes the difference in approach to car design and marketing over these last forty years. The Dodge was an extreme machine, but still (almost) accessible. Race specials of our current "

Harley’s Looking Different?


" Hands up. I've never been a Harley man. It's not just that I've never owned one. I've never bought into the whole burly, knuckleheaded, chrome clad idea that is a Harley Davidson. It always seemed to me that that riding "

The Influx Minizine is Here!


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Our baby has been delivered. The Influx minizine, still hot off the press, reads, looks, feels and even smells great. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? But, trust us on this. The zine "

EV Range Anxiety


"The first above-the-line national campaign for an electric car has been launched in the USA: slap bang in the middle of one of the most lucrative pieces of ad real estate: the World Series of Baseball. The campaign focuses on "

The Power and the Glory!


" Every now and then you stumble on something that makes you want to go racing. Looking at one of our fave racer-oriented photo blogs this morning, we instantly wanted to share. Googling around a little further we also came up "

Countach Evoluzione


"[gallery link="file"] It looks incredible. It's made of very light, very badass-looking material. And you'll probably never own one. But, it should come as no suprise that Lamborghini's Vader-looking 'Sesto Elemento' concept (unveiled recently at the Paris Motor Show) "

Friday Car Crush


"[gallery link="file"] With the extensive feedback from last month's 'eighties' feature thread, we decided this morning to have a look at that old French fancy the Renault 5 Turbo. Stone me if you weren't right, dear readers, the pocket rocket "

Goodwood Revival

Cars Culture

" Today the word “extreme” has very fixed connotations: danger, excitement, even borderline ridiculous. But when you think about it, the people that make this festival what it is are true Automotive extremists. The lengths to which those involved will go "

Extreme Machines


"Did you play Top Trumps as a kid? And yes, I mean the car kind: was there any other? Of course you did. And the same instinct that lit your little heart when you saw you’d been dealt, say, "

Our Favourite Extreme Machines


"Sinclair C5 The C5 was stupid-looking, probably dangerous, but strangely prescient and now kind of retro and cool. Clive Sinclair's doomed project was the product of the extreme entrepreneurialism of the early eighties. The Buckeye Bullet A student-constructed electric vehicle "

Ferrari California


"When you go to the Ferrari HQ in Slough to pick up a car, you can’t help but get a little bit nervous with excitement. And when you’re appointment is on a Friday afternoon and the heavens are "