Guzman’s Third

Bikes People

" NYC based lensmen Cicero deGuzman JR knows how to train a lens on a motorbike. We recieved word from Cicero this morning, informing us that the 3rd dispatch from his grease-caked world has been published. Unfortunately we couldn't make it "

England’s Glory


"Forget casinos. The fastest way – literally – to make a small fortune out of a large one is to try to create your own British sports car. History is littered with sports car firms that have gone spectacularly bust, yet every "

Loveable English Hooligans


"Arash AF10 Few of Arash Farboud’s creations have yet to trouble the DVLA, but we hope his latest, £320,000 Vette V8-powered creation makes it to production FBS Census This odd-looking roadster rather boldly named itself the ‘Future of British "

Heroes of the National Sport


"Britain’s 10 world champions Mike Hawthorn [gallery=128]                         Mike Hawthorn, from Mexborough in Yorkshire, will forever have the distinction of being Britain’s first F1 world champion. Hawthorn was "

XKSS: Bridgehead to the British Invasion


"For us, the question of what is the sexiest, coolest, most beautiful sports car ever to be produced out of these islands is an easy one to answer. The Jaguar XKSS, of course. Produced in 1957 in the Browns Lane Jaguar "

Grease is the Word


"1964: Boyhood dreams of Grease, rock & denim. In my dreams I was a British Biker. I was a mod-baiting, leather wearing fetishist of all things American. That was the look anyway. But it was only English Iron that would do "

Kings of the UK Drag Scene


"With most Drag Racing competitors in this country being passionate amateurs, it is perhaps the most relevant and accessible of all British motorsport scenes. At the end of May we sent award winning young photographer Dom Romney to meet a "

Mazda Familia Wagon


" In our ongoing search for the killer-est retro-cool runabout for a family of five with a bit of time on its hands, we recently stumbled upon this very lovely customised Mazda Familia 1200. The pictures come via the very interesting Nostalgic "

Husqvarna 400 Cross


" There's something badass about the very name Husqvarna. The word has to be pronounced deep in the back of the throat, and it somehow reflects the raw simplicity of the bikes made by the Swedish brand. The bikes from the "

Car Crush No.4: Lancia Fulvia Coupé


" It’s almost impossible to avoid cheesy, vaguely sexist anthropomorphisms when talking about this car. As I've said before. I nearly owned one in the eighties. I've regretted the missed opportunity ever since. Piero Castagnero designed the incredibly fine featured, "

The Driver

Cars Culture

" Last night we at Influx towers decided to dig out our fave car flick. It's been a while since we've seen it. Walter Hill's dark car chase movie The Driver is a stone cold classic. In fact, not only is "

Why Kids Love Cars


" It starts early on. You probably got your first toy car as a present before your first birthday. By the age of three you were well versed in the arts and crafts of road and track and ramp construction and "

Volvo Gets Air!


" In a little reprise of our recent Scandinavian theme, we felt the need to share with you an incredible picture of a rare moment of Volvo Air. Imagine the momentum the driver of this 240 would have had to carry to "