Stars And Their Cars


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] A skyrocketing star need a killer car. And over the years various shots of legends of music, screen and stage have been photographed with their ride of choice. Each has added something to each's image. "

Summer = Utility

Cars Culture

" About this time of year, with the back-to-back bank holidays and the blossom hanging heavy on the boughs, even the most committed drivers among us begin to think of the beauty of sports utility. Despite the partly justified bad press "

The Art of Racing


" Stumbled across this really attractive line work over the weekend. Reminds us of what is often overlooked about the popularity of classic race bikes: their simplicity. Illustrator Gianmarco Magnini evokes the raw, purposefulness of a racing classic in the lines "

High on the Chaparral


"As a European there are certain things about North American motor racing that get us excited. And its nothing to do with NASCAR. But mention the words Laguna Seca, Can Am and Chapparal, and we get a little sweaty palmed "

Ferrari GTO and the Meaning of Envy


"[youtube][/youtube] ... and imagine hand-painting your 250 California Spider to look like a jeep! What may seem madness from the perspective of 2010 was all part of the gilded "

It’s Better in the Wind


" Screen grabs. Social networking. Iphone apps. A world without walls was dreamt up by software marketing people to make you think that working everywhere, any time would be a benefit to your own sense of freedom and transcendence of the "

Global Apocalypse!


"Reason One: It’s all going to be okay… The magnificently-named former OPEC leader Sheikh Yamani pointed out to his colleagues decades ago that the stone age didn’t end for lack of stone: his point was that mankind wouldn’"

Ten Green Classics


" 1: The Honda Insight Mk1 Back when it was released in 1999 the first mass market electric hybrid it was otherworldly and strange. And  the cooler for it. A decade on it is retro progressive and quaint. Dig the clamp-busting rear wheels, "

The Moped Army


"Everyone now knows the Toyota Prius, despite the launch brouhaha and Hollywood celebrity endorsements, is about as green as napalm. Sure, it doesn’t use a lot of fossil fuel when it’s rolling to and from Waitrose, but the "

The Greenwash Chronicles


"Most of us realise that there is nothing remotely 'sustainable' or 'environmentally friendly' about the mass-market auto industry. Still, these global businesses are they're doing their utmost to convince consumers that they are doing there bit to save the planet. "

Formula For (Environmental) Disaster?


"When it comes to environmental issues Formula 1 is not exactly ‘on message.’ A Grand Prix car is a high-revving, incredibly noisy projectile and its sole purpose is to go quickly. Not, as yet, to go quickly economically. It’s a "