Bonneville Salt


"[gallery link="file"] Each August legions of the speed obsessed are drawn to the incredible environment of high salt flats of Northern Utah for Bonneville speed week. The Bonneville Salt Flats, the venue for the historic event, is a salt "

Sex Savages on Wheels!

Bikes Culture

"Now that we've got your attention, I would just like to say that I never really understood why bikers had a culture until I owned a real bike. Until I scored it, my RD350 LC, in 1986, I had messed about "

Funny Girl

Cars People

"Most teen girls like spending their free time doing their nails, staying abreast of the politics of the boy-band economy and partying. And to an extent Jayne Kay is no different. But this sixteen year old is a self confessed "

Audi Quattro Concept


"[gallery link="file"] Few concepts are guaranteed to get us hot under the collar like the announcement that Audi are resurrecting the idea of the original Quattro. The motorshow at Paris is after all one of those events where legends "

Shameless Caff Indulgence


"[gallery link="file"] We know they're trendy and ubiquitous in a fashionable sort of way, and we know that the sub cult of the Caff racer is sneered at by many of your hardcore every day bikers out there _ but "

Audi in the Ads


" Audi is one of the Automotive brands out there that has always been highly skilled at representing itself. That strap line is probably one of the most instantly recognisable in the history of advertising, and has encapsulated Audi's technologically-focussed ethos "

We Love American GTs


" We're always amazed, here at Influx towers, how creative photography can tease out unexpected perspectives for cars that we believe we know intimately. Take the shot of the GT40 MK 11, for example, taken by the very talented Boyd Jaynes. We "

Dickie Davies Digs the Escort

Cars People Culture

" We've been a little obsessive about paying homage to ITV's brilliant World of Sport magazine show, which graced many a wintry British saturday afternoon from the late sixties to the mid eighties. It was in the heart of the seventies, "

Show Girls


" With the Paris car show looming in the headlights, we thought it timely to devote a daily post to our occasional study of automotive marketing. One the the great and enduring perennials of any car industry event is, of course, "

It’s Stock Car Racing


" Stock car racing UK style didn't die a death once the seventies ended. Far from it, in fact, Stock Car racing is thriving. I remember brilliantly spectacular footage from the dirt tracks being shown on Dickie Davis's Saturday sports magazine "

First Hand: A Clowder* of Cool Cats


" My first Jaguar experience took place when I was six years old; for some reason my parents abandoned their penchant for 1970's Renaults (4, 12 and 16 I seem to recall, but not in numerical order) in favour of something meatier; a Mark 2. "

Cosworth Love


" It seems that our omission of the Sierra Cosworth from out list of definitive cars of the eighties set the cat amongst the pigeons. Close readers of Influx may have noticed my disclaimer: having come to the age of road-legality "

The New Lotus Elite


" In ten days time Lotus will unveil their redefinition of the "modern classic" in the shape of the new Lotus Elite. If you won't be at the Paris Motor Show to enjoy this new machine in its full glory, here's "