• Tuesday 26th May, 2015

Sir Stirling Moss: The Knight of the Road


"www.stirlingmoss.comIt’s early summer 1955. A 26 year old Stirling Moss is in the middle of the final section of the iconic Mille Miglia road race. He and his co-driver, legendary Motorsport journalist Denis Jenkinson, have been travelling at "

Grass Roots Motorsport


"Photographs by Paul O'ConnorThe Mental BreakdownHow do you squeeze as much fun out of a quarter of a mile of motoring? It's obvious to someone like 42 year old Wayne Allman. Stick a custom made, Supercharged hemi in a "

The Dragster Chronicles


"Photographer Dom Romney has been one of the most interesting photographers to document the UK Drag Racing scene for the last few years. Though Drag racing in the UK has always been perceived as somewhat of a poor relation of "

Road-Race Crossovers: Our Top Ten


"Does racing really improve the breed? The phrase was applied to horses before it was used for cars, and it’s pretty hard now to see a link between the F1 thoroughbreds and the humble mules the rest of us "

Manx TT: Ten Things You (might not) Know


"1. The Isle of Man TT began in 1907, after a law was cleared in 1904 that allowed roads to be closed for the Gordon Bennett car trials.2. When the race first started practice sessions used to take place in the early morning "

Racing Beauty


"Porsche 917In its powder blue and orange Gulf livery, it dominated the imagination of fans of motor racing for an entire decade. It also happened to give Porsche their first outright wins of the 24 Heures Du Mans in 1970 and 1971. Superbly "

Hybrid Subaru Tourer


" Later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show Subaru will reveal its Hybrid Tourer Concept. It will feature key elements of the company’s ‘DNA’, notably a horizontally-opposed engine – in this instance the world’s first ‘boxer’ hybrid powerplant – and "

BMW 700: Poodle Friendly Motoring

Cars Culture

"Michelotti was a populist alright. The BMW 700 LS had all the everyman appeal of its Netherlandish cousin the DAF Variomatic, and resembledthe Italian designer's Triumph project the Herald.First produced in 1959, the BMW 700 LS was one of the industrial successes "

Datsun 240Z Neo Retro Rendering


"Ok, so the yanks did well out of the reissue of their signature muscle cars. Neo retro rendering of classics have obviously got a big potential market out there. They tap into that dollar bill that presumes that the first-editions "

Typeface By Toyota


"iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.Toyota's artful marketing reaches new heights of sophistication. Reminds us, of course of our friend and auto-scriber Ian Cook, whose Popbang colour artwork predates either Toyota's "

Mclaren’s MP4-12C Online


"Anyone with even a passing interest in cars can't help but have noticed that the MP4-12C Mclaren's new road car project and replacement for the near mythical super-steed the F1 has hit media portals with full effect.The "

A Daf (t) idea?


"In all the kooky ideas of sixties automotive culture, the DAF Variomatic transmission system is surely one of the most sedate and strangely agreeable.Using system of pulleys and belts, the variomatic fitted to Daf's little family runabouts was an "

New Motorcycle Speed Record


"Fresh in from the Salt Flats at Bonneville Utah comes this staggering piece of footage of the new Land Speed Record for two wheelers of 367.382 mph.Pilot Chris Carr and the BUB Racing team took their Streamliner Seven to the "