• Friday 26th June, 2015

Car Crush: Toyota FJ Cruiser


"We're as bad as everyone else.Soon as the price at the pump begins to feel a little more reasonable our thoughts turn to wether or not that longed for purchase of a V8 is really back on the agenda."

The Art of the Render

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"We've always greatly admired artists who draw free hand.The digital technology  at all our fingertips is no substitution for straightforward hand-eye artistry.Stumbled across this interesting video of Australian artist Byron Fitzpatrick this morning. It's a great insight of "

Tokyo Landcruiser


"When you picture Tokyo and car culture what comes into your mind?  Before we arrived here, we probably had the same image in our minds as you. Colourful bozuzoku madness. Phat dished über chavitutde wrought in candy and neon. That "

Mooneyes & The Cult of Crown

"Yes, we've been at the classic Mooneyes show in Yokohama.We've been putting together some film, word and pics of what must be the best custom culture show in the world.Being at Mooneyes has convinced us of three things:1: "

Fiat 131 Racing


"We've mentioned our penchant for the three box format many a time.But no car has stuck to its purity than Fiat's 131 series.In 1978, a 2-door sporting version known as Racing , or Mirafiori Sport in the UK, was launched.  It "

The Beast of Turin


"pics & video Stefan MarjoramGreat video bouncing around the blogs this morning.It focusses on a true automotive animal - a 300 HP Land Speed Record attempting FIAT built in 1911 - and the crew of Englishman tasked with the mission "

Lancia Flavia Zagato Supersport


"OK, we're having a 'red Italian sports car' week.But we have, in fact, always been smitten with the raffish lines of Zagato's re-imaging of the Flavia Supersport.The Flavia one of those curious Lancias - that seems to pop "

Blue Collar

Cars Culture

"For our money Blue Collar is one of the greatest films about the realities of the car manufacturing industryThe gritty 1978 movie, starring a straight-talking Richard Pryor and a brawny Harvey Keitel, was shot in the Ford River Rouge works "

Car Crush: Lotus Elan S4


"We love this version of Lotus's pop-eyed sportster.Introduced at the end of the sixties - it typified the little English sports car of the time – though those popups were sneered at by the flat cappers in their MGs. But "

Neil Young: Man and Motors

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"Anyone that read Neil Young’s much lauded first memoir Waging Heavy Peace will know that he is a serious petrolhead.While Heavy Peace has much to say about the many and various motors that Young has owned and run "

Van Crush: DKW 3/6


"OK: forget your T1 Split screen Microbus. We've found a better retro van.And it's called the DKW 3/6.Before WW2 DKW was a two-stroke specialist manufacturer of motorbikes - and this 1960 wagon came with a torquey two-stroke 3 cylinder which was "

Lewis Hamilton’s Automotive Bling


"It's no secret that here at Influx towers we're Lewis Hamilton fans.In a strange, fascinating season in the ever-evolving oligarch's carnival that is F1. And as we said when he started the process with McLaren - lewis is letting "