• Friday 22nd May, 2015

Car Crush: Talbot Time Warp


"It sounds like a piece of Hawking-like speculative theorising.When can it be possible to drive a brand new car that is actually over 30 years old?Well now actually Steve, and it's got nothing to do with string theory or "

VW Beetle: German High Culture?


"It's nice to see a great British institution giving a great German institution the credit it deserves.It may not be the most spectacular, efficient, cool, sexy or beautiful car that German industry has produced – but it's certainly the most "

Nitro Nights

Cars Culture

"Out over here next year this hardback promises to be a visual feast for all Nitro Heads.It is a collection of photography that documents the famous March meet at the Famoso drag strip in Bakersfield, California, one of the "

A Prayer for Saint Volvo

Cars People Culture

"If you’re free on November 15th and have some cash in your wallet then get your hair coiffured, stick on a smart suit, head down to Silverstone Auctions and get bidding on this 1966 Volvo P1800S.You could drive "

Lancia ECV


"The Lancia ECV was probably the most extreme expression of the Group B Ethos.600 HP. Carbon-Fibre and Kevlar bodied. Completely uncompromised. Deadly.But just look at it. When a little kid dreams of a rally car, this is the image "

Car Crush: Triumph TR7


" At the time I couldn’t stand the Triumph TR7. It was an abomination. Ugly. And many of the world’s motoring press said so, too.It just didn’t make sense, that cheese-wedge shape, that inconsequentially pert rear three "

Car Crush: Rover x BRM

"Gas Turbines — A much maligned power source.Sounding like the wheezings of a deadly dragon and producing freaky vehicles that used too much fuel – we are glad that some madcap engineers wanted to try them in racing cars.This snoop-nosed "

Ford Consul Capri


"It might have looked like a spaceship - particularly when compared to Ford UK’s standard issue cars of the time like the Anglia - but this first edition of a Ford car to carry the Capri moniker was as "

Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France

"We were gobsmacked by the beauty of this rare and precious Ferrari 250 GT 'Tour De France'.The first of the 250 Berlinettas rolled out of the factory in March 1956, and were the first real iteration of the genius combination of race-worthy "

Ford Transit Supervan 1


"There's something deliciously audacious about the very idea of a Mk 1 Ford Transit with an F1 engine installed.And look at the first edition of Ford’s promotional Transit. It looks every bit of the burly 1970s monster that it "

Porsche: the sum of its parts


"Came across this amazing 'teardown' video on the venerable and inspirational Le Container recently.It's magic being able to see the frightening amount of moving parts that goes into making the magical 'simplicity' that is the Porsche 911.Without peeking into "

Spirit of the Seventies


"Something strange happened in the early seventies.In fact, quite a lot of strange things happened in that part of a weird decade.But in the motoring industry – it just so happened that some of the most creatively imagined, outrageously "