Dean Moon

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"The entry in the Los Angeles Times on June 6th 1987 read thus: “Dean Moon, a drag racing pioneer and speed equipment manufacturer from Whittier, died Thursday at the La Hambra Convalescent Hospital of complications of a lengthy illness. He was 60.” "

Toyota Crown


"At Mooneyes Yokohama last year custom Crowns were some of the stars of the show. With their Celica-like face, burly presence and otherworldly styling, the early seventies manifestation of Toyota's domestic luxury sedan is one of the most appealing and "

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans

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"We recently stumbled upon the trailer for the forthcoming documentary on the making of Steve McQueen's 1970 passion project Le Mans. If you're reading this you probably know a fair bit about the story. It was a madly complex production shot "

Stumpf: Honda CB160E


"Do we care about the laws of physics? When it comes to industrial design, Newton's laws are fairly key. But in the world of designer James Stumpf - these scientific trifles are secondary to aesthetics. And we have to applaud "

Car Crush: Iso Grifo


"Of all the testosterone-heavy GT cars of the late sixties and early seventies, none are as heavily swinging with male swagger as the Iso Grifo. In its various lovely manifestations from the mid sixties through 'til the brand's demise in 1974, "

Concept Corner: Gordon Keeble GT


"It had a tortoise as a logo, a 5.4 Litre Chevy V8 and one of the greatest automotive pensmen of the 20th century as a designer. Still, you probably won't have spotted many Gordon Keeble cars on the streets. Only 99 of "

Car Crush: Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato


"Zagato's styling aesthetic is a little bit marmite. But with Aston Martin, we think the Italian design house reached its true heights. And within a noble list of Aston Martin cars to bear the Z logo - we think the "

Salaff Cars

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" Carlos Salaff played a key role in Mazda’s Southern California design studio for close to a decade. He played a key role in the exterior design of the Mazda Ryuga, Nagare and Furai concept cars as well as production "

Renault Turbo 2: Pop Goes Classic.


"  For those of us that were contemplating our O Levels in the mid 80s, the news that a 1984 Renault 5 can be auctioned as a classic car can bring on a nauseating rush of existential angst. I guess, along with "

Lego X Land Cruiser Update

" Back in the sunbathed summer months we brought you news of a LEGO Ideas project that we felt warranted some Influx support. That was the recreation, by modeller Matthew Inman, of the classic Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series. The LEGO Ideas "

Car Crush: Ferrari 250 LM


"We have posted the Ferrari 250 LM before. But please forgive us. In terms of pure, untrammelled, mechanical beauty this Ferrari cannot be beaten. For us this car epitomises the essence of what a Ferrari is and always should be. The "

California Instagram Blues

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"Life used to be simple. I had, after years of yearn, found an almost buddhist calm. Be clear, I wasn’t living a monastic existence: I’d acquired good stuff and plenty of it; got married; co-created a couple of "