• Tuesday 28th April, 2015

James Garner: Racer

Cars People

"It's ironic that we featured Francois Hardy recently.A few of weeks ago James Garner, her co star in Grand Prix, John Frankenheimer's flawed motorsport classic from 1966, died peacefully at the impressive age of 86.Here's a flavour of the film.["

Bike Crush: Honda Gold Wing – Stripped


"I always had the feeling that Honda's staple tourist superstar the Gold Wing would look better naked. And this example certainly confirms our intuition.Spotted recently on Bike Exif - it appears that this 1975 GL 1000 was built for an Italian "

Bikesploitation: The Glory Stompers

Bikes Culture

"Not sure how we missed this one.Glory Stompers is probably the most atrocious bikesploitation flick we ever saw. It’s not even really salvaged by the appearance of Dennis Hopper - who in most cases can carry the entire "

Car Crush: Lancia Aurelia GT


"Look at the curves on this, baby.The Aurelia surely must be one of Lancia's most beautiful cars, especially in the convertible version by Pininfarina.The 1955 beauty came with a 118 HP 2.5 V6 petrol engine and weighed just a sprightly 1000KG. "

Dodge D-Dart


"When I was 19 I drove a 1966 Dart across the states - from Santa Cruz California to Boston, Massachusetts.We're not really sure wether one can retrospectively be arrested a few decades after an admission for which there is no evidence. "

Ugly Moto x Bike Exif


"Bike Exif is a great way to fuel your motorcycling dreams.Sure, it can be the equivalent of bike porn - and one is sometimes left feeling a little bit seedy ogling all the classic and custom machinery on the "

Bertone’s masterpiece: Lamborghini Miura


"Wanted: Expert in metal couture to clothe what will probably become the greatest supercar the world will ever see.Well, such an ad never made it to the classified section of La Stampa in 1966 but Ferruccio Lamborghini achieved much the "

The Good, The Bad and the Bertone

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"These are some of our favourite works from the noble House of Bertone, the designs are as prolific and eclectic as the talents of their creator.Abarth 131 Rally.Of the four marques that dominated Rally in the mid 1970s Bertone "

The Importance of Being Nuccio Bertone

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"We’ve mentioned the House Bertone before, latterly lamenting the sad demise of one of car building's great collaborators.It’s instructive that the Noble house never had any financial problems while its long time patriarch Nuccio was alive and "

Il Sorpasso


"The Italians know how to do a stupid comedy.And somehow they make it more stylish than any Carry On Roadtrip. The car, after all, is a Lancia B24 Aurelia spider- so it was bound to surpass the Ford Zodiacs "

Wolf Strache Photography

Bikes Culture

"We stumbled upon this amazing image the other day.Delving around on the webs we realised that the strange, ghostly image of a Dirt Track rider is by a photographer you wouldn't necessarily associate with moto culture.Wolf Strache is "

Point Blank: Lee Marvin wrecks cars!


"Lee Marvin built a career playing hard men.And it doesn’t get any tougher than Walker - the character he plays in 1967 LA thriller Point Blank.There are loads of reasons to love this movie. There's the existential loneliness "