Whatever Happened to Von Dutch?


"Kenny ‘Von Dutch’ Howard, small scale, multi talented craftsman working out of makeshift, jerry rigged workshops becomes ‘vondutch.com’ a million dollar multi- national fashion brand. He hated us all. And we love the myth he created. It’s the "

In with the Hot Rod Crowd

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" The Vintage Hot Rod Association isn’t just a club, it’s so much more than that. In America in the 1940s, the beat generation spoke of being “in”. Although almost indefinable, that does go some way to explain the "

Hot Rodding: The British Way

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"The hot rod story. So it goes. Dry lake beds. Endless deserts. Hopped up Southern California jalopies. Timing associations. Engineer boots, pocket tees, chinos and heavy selvedge. A miasma of Americana. All those GIs returned from the war with a "

The Mongrel

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"photography Michael Fordham/influx Harley Peters is 22 years old. But the car that is at the centre of his life has components that were manufactured before his granddad was born. "It started with my old man really," he tells me "

BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Homage’ R


"In case you missed this in the summer, here's BMW's latest concept. And we dig it. Beemer unveiled this at this year's Pebble Beach event - and by all accounts shone brightly in that famously star-studded firmament. The BMW 3.0 CSL "

Wilzig Racing Manor

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"OK. So you sell your financial business for a little under a billion dollars. You're a bit of a petrolhead. What do you do? You build a race track in your back yard, of course. John Wilzig is such a "

McLaren Ford Mustang M-81


"There are a load of Mustang specials, studies and concepts you didn't even know exist. Here's one of our faves. The McLaren Mustang was the result of a collaboration between Ford Design and McLaren Performance and was penned right after "

Honda Motocompo

Bikes Culture

"Here's something that was lost to my cultural memory. Until a few moments ago. I was a madness obsessive. And the proud and illegal owner of a moped. When the two came together in the early eighties, I didn't even "

Triumph TR6


"It doesn't seem possible. But it's true. My first car was a Triumph TR6. It made no sense. And it was perfectly logical. Call it a 17 year old's stupidity. Call it a twisted romance motored by the yellow Stag my "

Blue Lena for Sale at Goodwood

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"'Blue Lena', the favourite ride of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, is for sale at auction at the Goodwood Revival in September. According to Bonhams the beautiful blue Bentley S3 Continental 'Flying Spur', which Richards bought new from dealer HR "

Concept Corner: 911 reimagined


"Hold off on the anger, or excitement, as this 911 rethink comes from the pen of Pasadena design student and not from a Porsche employee. Turkish designer Ege Arguden does know his way around a German design department though, having done "

Porsche 928: The Movie Star Car

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"Think Porsches in films. There must be loads right? But try to bring them to mind, or worse put them on paper, and suddenly they seem thin on the celluloid ground. Easily the most memorable is not a 911 but its "