• Monday 30th March, 2015

Point Blank: Lee Marvin wrecks cars!


"Lee Marvin built a career playing hard men.And it doesn’t get any tougher than Walker - the character he plays in 1967 LA thriller Point Blank.There are loads of reasons to love this movie. There's the existential loneliness "

Car Crush: Datsun 240z


"Ok, so we've said it before.We love the Datsun 240z. But with holidays on the horizon, we stumbled across this dashing, beautiful pink rendered version.If there is another fun-time sports car that we would love to whip through "

Farmers Racer

Bikes Culture

"Images: Farmers RacerIt’s easy to be cyclical about hipster bike videos.It seems that all over the world, things that are handcrafted, artisan, bespoke and simple are being championed by a new generation of folk, many of whom "

Fiat x Vans

Cars Culture

"We've always thought that fashion/motoring industry collaborations have a real tendency to the cheese.But when you throw surfing into the mix - things are bound to stink to high heaven.In this spirit of extreme seasonal folly, Fiat "

Yamaha, YZ400 and fun.


"When we were sixteen, in 1984, my best friend somehow got hold of a thoroughly rinsed 1979 Yamaha YZ400.It was a beast. And it didn’t have a clutch. We’d take it over the waste grounds (otherwise known as the "

The Road to Apocalypse

Cars Bikes Culture

"A forthcoming art show in London is set to look at how images of the apocalypse have been presented in the movies. And it's amazing how many of them reference the road and petrol culture in general. David Michôd’"

Houndog: Icon of Drag


"If you were around in the seventies and ever went to Santa Pod: Hound Dog will mean a lot to you.We're not really sure why it held the imagination - the Brit funny car was spectacular alright - but "

Car Crush: Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale


"Just look at this thingIt is one of only three 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale. And it is becoming available for auction at RM's monterey show this August. All rumours point to this raising eight figures.Chassis 06701 is the headline "

Dunlop: The Art of Motorsport.

Cars Culture

"An Exhibition is opening in London Wednesday that will showcase Dunlop’s 90 year association with the 24-hours of Le Mans.Illustrators Telegramme, Timba Smits and Raid 71 were commissioned by Dunlop to create a collection of bespoke artwork that focus on "

Woody Guthrie: Car Song

Cars People Culture

"Stumbling across this highly amusing clip of the great Woody Guthrie, we were amazed at how perrenial the car fetish is.The great bard of the American dustbowl knew a bit about the road - and his little ditty in "

Golf: Simplicity in Design

Cars People

" It’s 1973, you’ve just turned 30 and you’ve been tasked with saving one of the world’s biggest motor manufacturers from ruin. To pull this off your new design company, built on sports car success, is being asked to "

Golf R: Café Racer?


"images: Postfuel/InfluxI’m seriously tempted to slip into motoring hack clichés about wolves and sheep when I get my first look at, and drive in, the new Golf R.We suppose the 'R' is meant to refer "

VW Golf: GTi love


"When I, the Golf GTi, first hit the scene in Frankfurt in ’75 I was pretty radical and, let me tell you, an instant hit. I mean, a four-cylinder engine with fuel injection, 0-60 in 9 seconds, all packed into a small "