• Thursday 2nd July, 2015

Van Crush: DKW 3/6


"OK: forget your T1 Split screen Microbus. We've found a better retro van.And it's called the DKW 3/6.Before WW2 DKW was a two-stroke specialist manufacturer of motorbikes - and this 1960 wagon came with a torquey two-stroke 3 cylinder which was "

Lewis Hamilton’s Automotive Bling


"It's no secret that here at Influx towers we're Lewis Hamilton fans.In a strange, fascinating season in the ever-evolving oligarch's carnival that is F1. And as we said when he started the process with McLaren - lewis is letting "

Ronin 47 – über custom


"Custom culture has gone through the stratosphere.It's not even funny any more.Colorado based manufacturers Ronin have gone and started a 47-run line of Buell customs - inspired by the legendary Japanese warriors of lore. Each one will be "

Car Loathe: Scion ‘Skate Tourer’

"In an unholy alliance of the worlds of skateboarding, heavy rock and the motoring industry, generation Y exploiting Toyota US-focussed sub brand Scion has produced a one of special of this...thing. It's built for Riley Hawk - son of "

Car Crush: Talbot Time Warp


"It sounds like a piece of Hawking-like speculative theorising.When can it be possible to drive a brand new car that is actually over 30 years old?Well now actually Steve, and it's got nothing to do with string theory or "

VW Beetle: German High Culture?


"It's nice to see a great British institution giving a great German institution the credit it deserves.It may not be the most spectacular, efficient, cool, sexy or beautiful car that German industry has produced – but it's certainly the most "

Nitro Nights

Cars Culture

"Out over here next year this hardback promises to be a visual feast for all Nitro Heads.It is a collection of photography that documents the famous March meet at the Famoso drag strip in Bakersfield, California, one of the "

A Prayer for Saint Volvo

Cars People Culture

"If you’re free on November 15th and have some cash in your wallet then get your hair coiffured, stick on a smart suit, head down to Silverstone Auctions and get bidding on this 1966 Volvo P1800S.You could drive "

Lancia ECV


"The Lancia ECV was probably the most extreme expression of the Group B Ethos.600 HP. Carbon-Fibre and Kevlar bodied. Completely uncompromised. Deadly.But just look at it. When a little kid dreams of a rally car, this is the image "

Car Crush: Triumph TR7


" At the time I couldn’t stand the Triumph TR7. It was an abomination. Ugly. And many of the world’s motoring press said so, too.It just didn’t make sense, that cheese-wedge shape, that inconsequentially pert rear three "

Car Crush: Rover x BRM

"Gas Turbines — A much maligned power source.Sounding like the wheezings of a deadly dragon and producing freaky vehicles that used too much fuel – we are glad that some madcap engineers wanted to try them in racing cars.This snoop-nosed "

Ford Consul Capri


"It might have looked like a spaceship - particularly when compared to Ford UK’s standard issue cars of the time like the Anglia - but this first edition of a Ford car to carry the Capri moniker was as "