Boyhood: Linklater and the Pontiac GTO


"If you haven't seen Richard Linklater's Oscar-winning film, Boyhood, yet, you should. The film is brilliant - real achievement at many levels and for many reasons, but for members of this particular parish - the part played by the Pontiac "

Vulcan: Aston Martin’s otherworldly hypercar


"We're not sure wether the name references the totemic Delta-Winged British Bomber or a fictional mixed-race alien with pointy ears. Either way, Aston Martin's Vulcan is an otherworldly beast. Announced this morning in advance of its Geneva reveal, the gents "

Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson


"Ten years ago last Friday Hunter S. Thompson went over the edge. The man who attempted to drag the sceptic pseudo trade of journalism back to radical subjectivity - its age-old defining quality – blew his brains out at his compound "

1984: Honda NSR 500


"We've got a theory.  The things you'll carry with you through your life, that will inspire you more than other things - will emerge from the years when you were at your height of youthful discovery - when the hormones "

Lotus Ford Cortina


" Funny how the shape of a car can cause a Proustian moment. Thing is with the Ford Cortina Lotus was that it chimed perfectly with a time when the A-Road riders sought desperately to differentiate themselves from the rest of "

Car Crush: Pegaso Z-102 Cabrio


"Sometimes we want to run pictures of a car just because we can. And here at the fag-end of February what better to lift your mood for the weekend of love than the Pegaso Cabrio? The design is a combo "

All New Ford Focus RS


"Ford has previewed an all new Focus RS - the 30th Ford car to bear the RS badge. And it looks perfect for carrying on the prestigious tradition of the 'Rallye Sport' tag. Ford Europe’s press office claims that "

Ford Focus RS500 Cosworth

Cars Culture

"An electric blue badge burning with neon intensity against a dark background-matte black- like a stealth bomber. That’s what first hits me in the hard morning light at the Ford Heritage Centre whilst signing the release forms for the "

Return to Fordland

Cars People Culture

"Like the novelist once said: ‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there” An overused line, perhaps, but it couldn’t be truer for the history of the corner of Essex that became Fordland. When Henry T. "

David Brown: A Very British Coachbuilder


"A quick survey of the Influx editorial archives will confirm our interest in, and coverage of, the great Continental European coachbuilders such as Pininfarina.  And rightly so. It’s worth remembering though that Britain was once home to a good "