Car Crush: Porsche 959


"If you're one of the folk out there who believes that the Porsche Turbo wasn't necessarily a full-blooded supercar, then the 959 pushed the form firmly into the superlative. But we reckon the 930 Turbo was the supercar. This was a hypercar. "

Supercars, Super Humans

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"Enzo Ferrari Il Commendatore was responsible for defining the facets, values and aesthetics of the supercar more than any other individual. Right from the very start of the Ferrari journey, the young Enzo was obsessed with the beauty of speed "

Supercar: Evolution and Extinction


"Supercars were once all about pure performance. Gentleman racers of the 40s and 50s wanted the kinds of cars in which you could streak from Paris to the Amalfi coast overnight in an aether of oil fumes and Aqua Di "

458 by Liberty Walk


"When I was a kid car customisation was all about being a rebel. It was all about moving in a different direction from the rest of society. It was an energetic time, and there were lots of us taking part "

Dr. Oliver Sacks

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"In August last year the world lost one of its great thinkers in the neurologist Oliver Sacks. He was well known for his insightful and best-selling books, for being the real-life version of the character played by De Niro in "

Friday Bike Crush: Custom W- uhini.


"images via DEUS It's a while since we posted a custom build Bike Crush. But sick of the mud and the wet of this English El Niño winter, we were musing and dreaming of dry Californian landscapes, when we "

Porsche, Martini and the Mulsanne Straight


"We've waxed lyrical about the beauty of the Porsche-Martini collaboration before. But this morning on our usual webly wandering we came across this adrenalin-infused onboard sequence with a 1977 Le Mans pilot and his Porsche-Martini Spyder. Check out the 200mph plus "

The Magnum Ferrari

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"If you were a friend of Thomas Magnum you’d probably have lent him money at some point. Even the famous Ferrari he drove was borrowed. But in this case life didn’t mirror art. In fact, Tom Selleck reversed "

Car Crush -Ford Zodiac Mk3


"Few cars of the British mid-century boom time swaggered with as much blue collar ostentation as the Ford Zodiac. Coming across like an over-promoted shop steward who sold out the masses with chrome - the Zodiac took its fins and "

Kojak’s Buick

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"Who loves ya baby?! Anyone bought up with long, boring Sunday afternoons in the 1970s will recognise those four little words instantly. TV cop Kojak's catchphrase wasn't the only reason for the shows enduring appeal. Hollywood tough guy Telly Savalas's "

Why Harley-Davidson?

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"Few brands on the planet, in the entire history of commerce, have such a strong identity as Harley-Davidson. But for all that strength of identity, the brand has an amazingly diverse and multi-layered aspect. For some, all that noise and "