Silverstone Classic: Lola T222 Can Am is awesome…

"Lola pictures: Michael Fordham The Can Am series of no-holds-barred racing cars was awesome. And this Lola T222 was amongst the most awesome cars in an awesome formula. Chances are that you will have never experienced the earth-shattering display of "

Steve McQueen in Popular Science


"The Steve McQueen industry reached its peak a while ago. The talismanic actor, motorcycle racer, and general petrolhead's every grease and benzine related utterance or action has been pored over, analysed and fetishised by every channel, 'tube and feed on "

The Evolution of the Citroën 2CV

"The 2CV was famously conceived by Citroën President Pierre Boulanger to drag the French farming population into the modern era - but in introducing this car he unwittingly created one of the most enduring archetypes of global car culture. "

On Weekend by Jean-Luc Godard

People Culture

"When you glance back to the art being made in Europe around the time of the May ’68 student riots, there’s often a desire to connect the Molotov ministrations that were occurring on the streets to the palpable sense of "

French Car Culture in Five Interesting Objects

"We don't know how to define it. But there's something distinct about French car culture. It's encoded in the machinery that is made, designed and consumed in France, too. Here are five objects that put clear water between the culture "

Street Spot Car Crush: Alfa Romeo 4C


"By most media accounts the Alfa Romeo 4C doesn't live up to its much-hyped image. But we don't care. We spotted our first one on the street today. This is a heartbreaker of a car. If fact, the Alfa Romeo 4"

Dirt Quake 5 at Adrian Flux Arena

"pics By Michael Fordham/Influx Gary Inman, Dirt Quake organiser and editor, publisher and general kingpin of Sideburn Magazine told us a couple of years ago that he'd never do it again. We never believed him. And as the fifth "

Car Crush: Ferrari 750 Monza

"What is there to say about this Ferrari 750 Monza? It is a slice of mid-century art. It is a rare four-cylinder masterwork from Ferrari. It will set the auctioneers reeling when it comes under the hammer at RM Sotheby's Monterey "