Auto-hell #101


Looking like a cross between a mobility scooter, a Sinclair C5 and a JD Bug, the Honda Zook (otherwise known as the MS50L) looked like a deathtrap, and must have ridden like one.

Released in 1990, it came with a fold-up steering column and seat post, presumably for parking in tiny Japanese city spaces. It was, we assume, aimed at students and the very naive, with the rather loathsome candy-coloured marketing campaign featuring the Japanese predecessor of that annoying bloke from the Halifax ads.

It had a two litre fuel tank and could apparently top 33 MPH with a prevailing wind. Not a patch on the earlier, ruggedly cool Motra. But interesting nonetheless. Not surprising it was a bit of a dead end, and if you can find one we suggest you burn it. From an aesthetic point of view it makes the eyes hurt.

And we are Honda fans!

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