Mick Ofield Art

Bikes Culture

"You may have come across Mick Ofield’s work in the lovely Sideburn mag. Mick is the artist who draws these lovely schematic blueprints in the best 'Ride Fast, Turn Left' magazine in the world. But in an idle moment "

1971 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder


"Italian-Americana works. De Tomaso is the most well-known proponent of this heady mix of sweat, brawn and panache. But this 1971 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder is one of the most beautiful. Looking like a cross between a Datsun Z-Car and a mid-sixties "

Garage Porn

Cars People

"WARNING! If you suffer from life envy, please look away now. LA-based screenwriter Jack Olsen has probably the nicest automotive man-cave ever constructed. But not only that, he has a killer race prepped Frankenstein Porsche 911, he's a successful writer of "

Land Rover: Apocalypse

"There's not a lot that can be said. No one wants it to go. Especially not the people who make it, produce it, design it, engineer it and sell it. The discontinuation of the classic Land Rover, which since 1990 has "

Car Crush: Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

"OK, we've said it before. But the Sierra Cosworth RS500 must be the most genuinely super saloon that Ford has ever produced. Interestingly, this quintessentially Dagenham-bred saloon was pieced together in Ford's factory in Genk, Belgium. Strange, really, because nothing "

Car Crush: Porsche 959


"If you're one of the folk out there who believes that the Porsche Turbo wasn't necessarily a full-blooded supercar, then the 959 pushed the form firmly into the superlative. But we reckon the 930 Turbo was the supercar. This was a hypercar. "

Dr. Oliver Sacks

Bikes People Culture

"In August last year the world lost one of its great thinkers in the neurologist Oliver Sacks. He was well known for his insightful and best-selling books, for being the real-life version of the character played by De Niro in "

Friday Bike Crush: Custom W- uhini.


"images via DEUS It's a while since we posted a custom build Bike Crush. But sick of the mud and the wet of this English El Niño winter, we were musing and dreaming of dry Californian landscapes, when we "

Porsche, Martini and the Mulsanne Straight


"We've waxed lyrical about the beauty of the Porsche-Martini collaboration before. But this morning on our usual webly wandering we came across this adrenalin-infused onboard sequence with a 1977 Le Mans pilot and his Porsche-Martini Spyder. Check out the 200mph plus "

The Magnum Ferrari

Cars People Culture

"If you were a friend of Thomas Magnum you’d probably have lent him money at some point. Even the famous Ferrari he drove was borrowed. But in this case life didn’t mirror art. In fact, Tom Selleck reversed "

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