Deus Ex Machina

Bikes Culture

" Australia's image, even deep here in the heart of the 21st century isn't really compatible with artful postmodernism. Nor is the motorbike itself particularly associated (in the UK at least) with the tendency to fetishise the object. Our biking tradition "

Viva Espana!


" Whilst witnessing Somerset lad Jenson Button score yet another Grand Prix win, this around Barcelona's neck-jarring Circuit de Catalunya it occurred to us here at Influx, that despite the Spanish being incredibly passionate about motoring, the man in the street "

California: Automotive Heaven or Hell?


" The word California is sprinkled with stardust. It's a crucible of dreams for some, hell on earth for others. Whatever you feel about it personally, it's a place where the tectonic plates grind each upon each, creating untold energy that "

The Ford Capri: Life Begins at Forty


" When in 1986 a friend of mine purchased an outrageous Capri RS 3100, it changed my life. I lived a few streets back from the A12 in Metropolitan Essex. In the wee small hours, you could hear the beast racing from traffic "

Electric Superbikes!


" Whilst calculating the emissions totals for our ongoing roadtrip in Scotland with a Landrover Discovery, we came across a news story about the world's first fully emissions free superbike GP, which is scheduled for the Isle of Man this summer. "

The Land Rover Experiment: Part One


"Dawn's early light in the late spring. I am about to conduct and experiment. Two people. Tons of kit (surfboards, wetsuits, camera gear) and seven hundred miles from the Southwest of England to the Northeast of Scotland. My steed: A "

The Cult of the Café Racer


" Ok, I know. A true café racer shouldn't have anything as pretentious as a French accent anywhere near it. And alright, I know as well that at least the engine on a true 'Caff' racer should have been milled in "

Happy Monday from Ferrari


" Ferrari is celebrating more than one good result this morning. Not only did the apparently troubled Scuderia score its first championship points at the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain this weekend (Kimi came sixth) but, according to the Fiat Group’"

Silverstone Classic: Rock and Booty


" Now is it just me, or is the recently announced music lineup at this year's Silverstone classic the weirdest imaginable? Lewis Hamilton might be dating Pussycat Doll in Chief, but we think the connection between lycra pop and classic sports "

Aztec: Giugiaro’s Ugly Betty


" Now it's no secret that we here at influx are big fans of the Maestro, Georgetto Giugiaro (below). His designs have graced some of the most incredible concepts and production cars in automotive history – from the audacious and carnally appealing "

New Jaguar XJ


" Jaguar have just announced that an all-new Jaguar XJ will make its public debut this July. And the rotten teases in the Gaydon press office have released just this one bird's eye view of the new saloon. Speaking at Auto "

Peugeot Pledge Le Mans Hybrid


" There's been a lot of feel-good commentary in the Motor Sport press ruminating on how racing just could be the saviours of the motor industry and the planet as we know it, by shaking down, then trickling down the expensive "

Hunter S Thompson’s Dying Dream


" I dreamed last night of bats screeching and red Chevy convertibles. And today I have the work of Hunter S Thompson on the brain. Perhaps it is all this talk of government subsidy for electric vehicles. Perhaps it is the "

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