Andy Craig’s Trans-Am Memories

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"The paper round I did as a kid was pretty typical for suburban South Manchester. In the mornings it was often cold and it was often dark. Stepping out into the streets to deliver soggy papers was not something that "

GTO: John DeLorean

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"‘John Zachary DeLorean, engineer, car maker and conman, born January 6 1925; died March 19 2005’ So read the Guardian obituary of that day. In Britain we remember him as the maker of the DeLorean - his eponymous, stainless steel, Belfast-born beast that tucked "

1965 Pontiac GTO


"A very good friend of mine got turned on to the idea of an early muscle car and I helped him to find this one after quite a search. That was 2006 and when we drove it home I told him "

GTO: Gran Turismo Omologato


"Gran Turismo Omologato. There's something in the vowel-heavy phrase that gets the juices going. Something in the way it rolls around your mouth. Only Enzo Ferrari could have coined such a phrase, when you think about it. 3 words. Nine syllables. "

Renault 5 Turbo

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"It might not be the first motor you think of when you think of the mentalist modding culture of the mid-late nineties. But I owned a Renault 5 Turbo in the height on the madness. And know this: this car typified "

Max Power People

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"Jordan: AKA Katie Price Few individuals are more associated with the excesses of the Max Power era than Jordan. We’re not sure whether she ever owned a Saxo, but she certainly graced covers, spreads and the bonnets and other "

Vintage Dream Garage

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"We asked Anthony of Pembrokeshire Classics to name a small fistful of vintage motorcycles that would take pride of place in any aficionado's dream garage. Not that he doesn't have one of those already. BSA Gold Star BSA's original Gold "

Brough Superior SS100


"Brough Superior might be one of the most venerated bike brands in the history of motorcycling. But is the brand’s reboot just another high-end custom house taking the mickey with the prices it charges for a build? When the "

Analog über Digital!

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"Do you remember a time when your vehicle didn’t answer you back? A time when you got in, turned the key and all you heard was the sound of the engine? No beeps? No buzzes? No rings to admonish "

Supercars, Super Humans

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"Enzo Ferrari Il Commendatore was responsible for defining the facets, values and aesthetics of the supercar more than any other individual. Right from the very start of the Ferrari journey, the young Enzo was obsessed with the beauty of speed "

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