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Legend: Ford Capri


"I guess my interest in Ford Capri started in 1972 when I was 9 years old. I was given a copy of The Observer Book of Automobiles as a present by my parents. I found it fascinating. I loved all different sorts "

Ford Capri: Autoerotica

Cars People

"If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember Martin Shaw for his fully permed, street smart, ex-cop incarnation - Ray Doyle - of Criminal Intelligence 5 fame. Like me, you probably sat up with your Dad and watched the "

Capri: Bucket List


"Any Ford Capri owner will love the car that they live with. But we asked our resident Fordists to name the Capris they would love to own... Mk 1 1600: White, with black vinyl roof for us. The performance of the original "

Audi 80 GT: ringing the changes


"Despite the proliferation of go-faster models in its current range, Audi’s name hasn’t always been synonymous with sporting cars. A manufacturer of models in the deluxe mid-size class during the 1960s, a saloon car which focused on blatant "

Race Retro 2017


"The 2017 edition of Race Retro roared into Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, helping British motorsport fans banish their winter blues. As a pre-season opener the event allows motorsport competitors and preparers to seek new suppliers and in turn offers a fantastic opportunity "

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Porsche: the Mid-Engined Legacy


"Happy Birthday Boxster. 2017 marks 21 years since the popular Porsche roadster appeared in production form. In the mid-1990s, few may have believed what a successful model it would become, essentially saving the company. The latest in a long line of "

Homage to the Lotus Esprit


"It doesn’t even matter how long they take to get from 0-60mph. Or what their top speed is. Or how many cylinders the engine has. Or even where it is for that matter. Because certain vehicles, like the "