Café Racer Culture : Up The Junction

"We were browsing in the old dusty stacks the other day and found this copy of Up The Junction, Nell Dunn's classic and controversial 1966 collection of stories of working class culture. Buried deep amongst the gritty tales of clip joints, "

Porsche 911: Off Road


"A long dormant daydream we’ve had about crossing the planet in a 911 was awakened this week when we stumbled across this crazy dope custom 911 built for the gritty byways of the planet. This beautiful custom build, dreamt up by "

Andy Craig’s Trans-Am Memories

Cars People

"The paper round I did as a kid was pretty typical for suburban South Manchester. In the mornings it was often cold and it was often dark. Stepping out into the streets to deliver soggy papers was not something that "

GTO: John DeLorean

People Culture

"‘John Zachary DeLorean, engineer, car maker and conman, born January 6 1925; died March 19 2005’ So read the Guardian obituary of that day. In Britain we remember him as the maker of the DeLorean - his eponymous, stainless steel, Belfast-born beast that tucked "

1965 Pontiac GTO


"A very good friend of mine got turned on to the idea of an early muscle car and I helped him to find this one after quite a search. That was 2006 and when we drove it home I told him "

GTO: Gran Turismo Omologato


"Gran Turismo Omologato. There's something in the vowel-heavy phrase that gets the juices going. Something in the way it rolls around your mouth. Only Enzo Ferrari could have coined such a phrase, when you think about it. 3 words. Nine syllables. "

Rarity: Triumph Vitesse Sports 6

"There's something special about the Triumph Vitesse. And this is a super-rare 'Sports 6' monikered US export version. These endlessly intriguing sports cars were of course products of the mind of Michelotti - and that strange fusion of Italian flair "

Super Monkey Bike

Bikes People

"pics Michael Fordham/Influx We stumbled upon this cool little shop recently specialising in pimped Monkey Bikes. Spymonkey is a one man operation run by Hiro-san in Shizuoka, just outside Tokyo. Hiro's idea is simple. Take a Monkey Bike and "

Land Cruiser Legends


"When the zombie apocalypse arrives we'd rather be in a Cruiser than a Rover. Devotees argue they're stronger than the Land Rover. More reliable than the Land Rover. Better designed than the Land Rover. They might not have the current "

100 Years of Automotive Ads


" As the poet said: ‘April is the cruellest month… mixing memory and desire.’ For many of us this sums up our automotive buying fantasies - adolescent motor memories mixed with up to the minute salary busting desire. The crew most "

Citroën 2CV Prototype

"Few individual cars have inspired such love, devotion and geekery than the Citroën 2CV. As so many of you will know the tiny details of how this car came to be, I won’t try to define things. We "

MG Metro 6R4


"Group B rally inspired an entire generation to max the horsepower from their accessible little runabout. And of all the mentalist classics that received the Group B makeover in the early-mid eighties, none was as unlikely or appealing than the "

Auto Art: Tomas Pajdlhauser

Cars Bikes Culture

"We stumbled across the lovely artwork of Tomas Pajdlhauser on the always-inspiring Le Container blog recently. Tomas is a Creative Director at Jam Filled Entertainment in Ottawa, Canada, and has spent the last 10 years in positions ranging from Art Direction, "

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