Tim Harvey – M3 Master


"It’s often the ones you least expect. Isn’t it? Pass Tim Harvey as he walks through a paddock, you'll see he'll probably be smiling from ear to ear, chatting amiably to Nomax-clad sponsor-heavy racing drivers, or leathery-palmed mechanics, "

Before the M3 – BMW 2002 Turbo


"An M3 for the 1970s: focus on the legendary BMW 2002 Turbo When BMW moved away from naturally-aspirated power for the 2014 M3, slotting in a 3-litre twin-turbo powerplant, it left furrowed brows among traditionalists. But it was far from the first "

Fiat Coupé

"In the late 1980s a plan was hatched in the corridors of Turin: Fiat would return to the days when they built stylish and desirable coupés. The plan called for the new car to be built on the Tipo "

Secrets of the new Volvo V90 police car

Cars Culture

"Volvo police cars have been a common sight on UK motorways since the 1990s. While the 850 was winning a following amongst BTCC fans, traffic officers were being convinced by its practicality, ruggedness and, thanks to its T5 engine, performance. Today, "

Lancia Fulvia Coupe


"Are you dead inside if you don’t fall in love with a Lancia Fulvia? In coupé form, the car has this charming, cute and rather simple styling - it doesn’t try to seduce you with suggestion. The Fulvia "

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