Ford Escort RS Cosworth: meeting a childhood hero


"Fast Ford hysteria has hit cataclysmic heights in recent years. The latest Focus RS was launched, instantly becoming the world’s favourite hot hatch and trumping all of its – much pricier – German rivals for both pace and driving pleasure. The "

Ada ‘Sayonara’

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"Ada Sayonara was one of the most talented drivers of the 1950s. With Maria Teresa De Filippis, she was one of the first women to impress in motor racing, often leaving men behind her. A plate with the message "Sayonara" "

Chaparral: Formula of One

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"Active aerodynamics, the automatic gearbox and side-mounted radiators are all features of the 21st Century racing machine and features that you would expect to have been first found in Formula One. In fact they emerged from just one racing team "

Enter the Capri


"The first Ford Capri wasn’t a Capri. Not as you know it. The first Ford Capri was actually a a sleek, two door streamliner version of the odd looking Consul. it was, as Billy Bragg suggested to us a "

Legend: Ford Capri


"I guess my interest in Ford Capri started in 1972 when I was 9 years old. I was given a copy of The Observer Book of Automobiles as a present by my parents. I found it fascinating. I loved all different sorts "

Ford Capri: Autoerotica

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"If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember Martin Shaw for his fully permed, street smart, ex-cop incarnation - Ray Doyle - of Criminal Intelligence 5 fame. Like me, you probably sat up with your Dad and watched the "

Capri: Bucket List


"Any Ford Capri owner will love the car that they live with. But we asked our resident Fordists to name the Capris they would love to own... Mk 1 1600: White, with black vinyl roof for us. The performance of the original "

Audi 80 GT: ringing the changes


"Despite the proliferation of go-faster models in its current range, Audi’s name hasn’t always been synonymous with sporting cars. A manufacturer of models in the deluxe mid-size class during the 1960s, a saloon car which focused on blatant "

Race Retro 2017


"The 2017 edition of Race Retro roared into Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, helping British motorsport fans banish their winter blues. As a pre-season opener the event allows motorsport competitors and preparers to seek new suppliers and in turn offers a fantastic opportunity "

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