• Thursday 28th May, 2015

5 Creative Cars Made In Britain


"The death of the British car industry has been greatly exaggerated.All over these islands there are highly skilled engineers creating superbly imagined, beautifully realised pieces of machinery. Some you will have heard of, others you won't have.The British "

Porsche 911 RS 2.7 Carrera Sport Lightweight


"For me, this 1973 911 RS Lightweight represents the essence of Porsche.It was 1973. Porsche had achieved unheard-of dominance at Le Mans. There was an oil crisis that meant that sports cars were required to be fleet footed and stripped down. They "

American Metal: Detroit Dinosaurs

Cars People

"All classic machinery immediately offers two things; a glimpse into yesteryear and the chance to submerge yourself into escapism.As a non-American, the allure of American metal stems from growing up watching US hit TV shows and movies. It didn’"

American Metal: Dodge Challenger Hellcat


"For the epitome of modern American Muscle you need look no further than the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.There are a brace of these beasts caged in dark steel containers fast approaching our shores as we go to press. Their "

The Goob


"On May 29 The Goob is due to hit cinemas.What is the Goob? Not sure. We haven't seen the film yet.But director Guy Myhill has assembled a cast of little known, striking looking actors and has focussed on our "

Ducati Tracker by Earle Motors


"I've always wondered why you don't see many customised Ducati Monsters.They've always seemed to me a worthy custom platform – though my altogether absent mechanical skills doesn't make me the best commentator on anything technical.But when I stumbled across "

J.G. Ballard: The Shepperton Shaman

People Culture

"It was six years ago this April we lost that great writer, thinker and mythologist of the near future, J.G. Ballard.Ballard had a complex relationship with the automobile. You can see this most famously in his 1973 novel Crash, "

Car Crush: The Saab 900 Turbo Cabrio


"In our feature article ‘The Quiet Collaborator’ (Influx April Edition) we refer to the Saab 90 as a classic of the Oeuvre, and so it was.But when you close your eyes and picture the perfect Saab, the Classic Saab, we’"

Mercedes, Pininfarina and Camargue


"We're currently a bit obsessed by this strange, beautiful creature.If you look at it a little more sideways askance - it brings to mind the ride of a generic baddie in a Hollywood TV movie. Look at it. Can't "

Phillip Glass Digs BMW R69

Bikes Culture

"Phillip Glass loved his BMW motorcycles. Whether there's a musical metaphor in there we don't know – but it emerged yesterday that the post-modernist composer and musician spent a lot of time on the back of an R69 BMW, which he "