• Tuesday 31st March, 2015

Nissan’s Le Mans Contender


"Images of Nissan's front wheel drive Le Mans prototype have been bouncing round the web since it aired at the Superbowl commercial break.And everyone knows how expensive that piece of advertising real estate is.Testament, that, to the importance "

Bike Crush: Kawasaki ZRX1200R


"We know. Stock bikes often suck.But there's a certain stocker from a few years back that, in its simplicity and straighforward brawn - has us all het up.Kawasaki's ZRX1200R is not only simple, muscular and to-the-point – it "

Triumph Dolomite Sprint


"All images: Leyland PressIf you came to car consciousness any time between Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher's premierships, then the Dolomite Sprint will mean a lot to you.Born from a time of rancour an agitation on the shop "

Dirt Quake 2015 is coming!


"They said it might never happen again.And despite protestations to the contrary from INFLUX writer and Sideburn Editor Gary Inman – the riding fast, turning left world is due to descend on Kings Lynn once again this summer.As usual, "

Old Empire Motorcycles: The Osprey


"There’s something fitting about Old Empire as a brand name.An atmosphere of Edwardian elegance take holds as you make your way across the fens and edge into Suffolk. You take a series of meandering lanes into the hedgerows "

Ten Custom Builders


"We asked Chris Hunter, editor of the world’s largest custom moto website, to select his favourite builders from recent months. So here’s the hand-picked Bike EXIF x Influx Selection: the builders (and bikes) that are reshaping the new "

Bruce Brown Interview


"Bruce Brown’s creative output has been defined by quality rather than quantity.After making the era-defining surf movie, Endless Summer, in 1966, Brown followed up four years later with On Any Sunday, the most evocative film about riding motorcycles ever "

Of Custom Bikes and Trophy Wives


"The annexation of the most vibrant motorcycle sub-culture in decades didn’t take long.Danish crew the Wrenchmonkees began to get noticed back in 2008, maybe the tail-end of 2007, but 2008 really. That, as far as I’m concerned, is Year Zero "

Ferrari Knickers?


"No, we’ve not gone all Dada-ist this mad March. It’s just that brand extension amongst the culture of hi-end automotive retail has reached ridiculous proportions. Bentley, in fact have a number of answers to the question 'what is "

Renault Espace F1


"Here's one of our favourite concepts of all time. The Espace F1 was created in 1995 by French motorsport pioneers Matra to celebrate both the 10th anniversary of the Espace and Renault's involvement in Formula One racing.It might have looked "

Hodaka: Dirt Squirt


"Humour is missing from 'the industry'.In fact, while we're talking about the motorbike industry, you could just as well substitute any of them. Capitalism, by its very nature, lacks the propensity to take the mickey out of itself. But "

Boyhood: Linklater and the Pontiac GTO


"If you haven't seen Richard Linklater's Oscar-winning film, Boyhood, yet, you should.The film is brilliant - real achievement at many levels and for many reasons, but for members of this particular parish - the part played by the Pontiac "

Vulcan: Aston Martin’s otherworldly hypercar


"We're not sure wether the name references the totemic Delta-Winged British Bomber or a fictional mixed-race alien with pointy ears.Either way, Aston Martin's Vulcan is an otherworldly beast.Announced this morning in advance of its Geneva reveal, the gents "