1952 Ferrari 225 Sport

Images courtesy RM auctions.

Well, this is obvious. It's an original early Ferrari, and it is excruciatingly desireable, lets break it down. Here's the spec: 210 bhp, 2,715 cc SOHC V-12 engine with triple Weber 36 DCF downdraft carburetors, five-speed manual gearbox, independent double wishbones with a transverse leaf spring front suspension, rigid axle with semi-elliptic leaf spring rear suspension, and hydraulic drum brakes.


This has the near mythical lightweight frame called the tuboscocca. It's special chassis with double outer-tubes joined together with a truss-like arrangement. Not only did this serve to strengthen the platform, it helped form a skeleton of the body shape on which body panels could be mounted. This saved weight with no compromise to structural rigidity and contributed greatly to the now-legendary racing success of the model.


It has that amazing handwrought body by Vignale, and this model comes complete with that supercool hand-made badge. And just look at that hide interior with the spare Wire strapped snuggly. You can almost smell the classicness of it all!