Alvis Lives On

"Are you sick and tired of SUVs here there and everywhere? Do many of today's cars with their 'samey' looks leave you cold? Are you a lover of seriously 'old-school' motors? You know, the kind of characterful vehicles that were "

July Calendar Car – Lotus


"Throughout July, lucky owners of a 2019 Influx Calendar enjoyed this incredibly rare Series 1 Elise 190, with a carbon-fibre body. The car was arranged by Elisa Artioli herself, as she came over to the UK to help us with the calendar shoot "

“All of Us” – filmed on the Isle of Skye

"There are a plethora of reasons why we love working with Influx Magazine. From the different people we meet, to the amazing (and sometimes utterly bonkers) cars we are somehow allowed to work with. But most of all, it’s "

All-New BMW 8-Series Convertible


"When the initial BMW 8-series showed up, it made a massive impact with its impressive wedge shape. It didn't look like any other BMW of the time and has been well-liked ever since. This BMW 8-series is a different kettle "

Vauxhall Viva Estate


"Way back in 1987, the very apex of exhibitionist, greed-is-good, me first Capitalism I bought a car. It should have been a Golf or Peugeot 205 GTi or even a BMW 3 Series shouldn’t it? It was actually a tatty 1975 Vauxhall Viva "

A.C. 3000 ME: The Best Laid Schemes


"“The best laid schemes of mice and men gang oft agley and leave us nought but grief and pain for promised joys.” Those words, written by Robert Burns in 1785, might be said by some to describe the saga of the "

Banger Rallies

Cars Culture

"The Banger Rally. For those of you still uninitiated, it’s essentially a stag do on wheels. But women are welcome, and drinking isn’t. At least for the driver. The basic premise is to obtain some kind of at-first-inappropriate "

Influx Social

P71 to Monaco

Cars Culture

"The grand tourer is a bit of an odd thing. Fast, yes. Luxurious, even more so. Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive configuration allowing for maximum sidewaysness around roundabouts to shred insanely expensive tyres, yes. But practical? Useful for a spot of real touring? "

LeMay, A-bombs and sports cars.


"By 1953, the United States had almost 1,000 nuclear bombs waiting to be dropped. The future of sports cars wasn’t at the top of Gen. Curtis LeMay’s priorities. It’s the 1950s. In the hushed offices of the military leadership "

Triumph Twin Test with Twists And Turns.


"Jeremy Webb jumped on two very different Triumph motorcycles, travelling on a couple of the best biking roads to put them to the test. He took the Tiger 1200 and the Street Twin to Wales to find out Who Dares Wins. &"

Camp Jeep


"Camp Jeep is a massive event for the Jeep Owners Group, drawing enthusiasts from all over the world. It is the European version of the Jeep get-togethers that are held across the United States, from Tennessee and Arizona to Maine "

How to start your own car club

"Ever wonder about all these car clubs that are popping up here there and everywhere, designing pretty mediocre merchandise and selling at ridiculous profits? Well, you can do it too! First, establish your brand: Choose a name. Make sure it’"



"If there’s one thing that always provokes a positive emotional response on Influx, it’s nostalgia. The rose-tinted view of everything just being better back in the old days when life was fun, cars were mechanical, broke down a "

Players Classic – modified cars

Cars Culture

"Ouch. In recent years we've seen that phrase banded around quite a lot. It's a broad and annoying term that most petrol heads will have heard - or dare we say, maybe even uttered at one point or another during "