Bike art- Aristocratic Motorcyclist by Lorenzo Eroticolor

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We love commissioning artwork – as most of you lovely readers will know. We were stoked, then, when we stumbled across the work of Lorenzo Eroticolor recently on venerable friends and down-under colleagues Bike Exif.

Lorenzo has produced a series of very nice illustrations – three of which you see here, he calls ‘Aristocratic Motorcyclist’. Apparently Lorenzo has agreed to create a set of four wallpapers for Bike EXIF readers, suitable for computer monitors or IPads. You can choose your favourite here.

Makes us wonder why art directors and agencies working within the mainstream manufacturers – of both the car and bike industry – don’t start resurrecting the glory days of the fifties, sixties and seventies – when no new launch was complete without a tasty piece of art that transcended the simply photographic.

Heads up folks!