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We’re champions of the printed page here at Influx Towers, so are always out there looking for inspiration.

We were stoked when we stumbled upon A Head Full of Snakes. It’s a dispatch from someone out there who truly, madly, deeply loves motorbikes.

It’s a simple formula for good magazines that so many people in the ‘industry’ seem to have forgotten. Pick a subject that you’re passionately interested in. Coral a bunch of like minds who write, make pictures and know how to lay stuff out on a page. Send it to the press and Bob’s your uncle: you have something people want to be involved in.

We particularly like this set of personal pics on the blog that sums up the personal way that Snakes represents motorcycles. We suggest you check it out.

Oh, and while we’re at it, stay tuned for our eighth print edition. Dropping at the end of April, it’s going to be very special indeed and will feature people who write and make pictures who are passionate about cars, bikes and the people who create them.

Even more simple, it’s free!

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