Oil & Ink Expo

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art collective teases out the aesthetic of Oil & Ink

We stumbled across this fine collection of printed work this morning whilst considering the coming of spring and a time when riding motorcycles in the northern hemisphere wasn’t akin to a sublime kind of torture.

Oil & Ink is a ‘Traveling Fine Art Pop Up Gallery Print Expo’ of amazing vintage motorcycle design and illustrations by a group of artists and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

It’s a travelling show of work, hosted in NYC, Minneapolis & L.A and at the Moto GP in Austin TX – and we wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later we saw the shebang hitting the shores of Europe.

The roster of penmen saturated in the cult of the benzine includes Influx collaborators Maxwell Paternoster and Raid 71. If you care about art and love your motorcycles, then it’s definitely a site and a show not to miss.

Especially if you’re into vintage bikes.