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spy monkey bike stumbled upon outside Tokyo

pics Michael Fordham/Influx

We stumbled upon this cool little shop recently specialising in pimped Monkey Bikes.

Spymonkey is a one man operation run by Hiro-san in Shizuoka, just outside Tokyo. Hiro’s idea is simple. Take a Monkey Bike and turn it into a bonsai version of a grunty superbike. And it works.

The bike pictured is Hiro’s personal ride – and is not for sale. The attention to detail is incredible. We’re not sure what the original base bike was but this thing was more or less built from the ground up. With a Takegawa engine and loads of performance tweaks from Over – it’s a 150cc pocket rocket detailed to within an inch of its life.

And check out those Brembos.


Hiro was kind enough to start the beast up and give it some beans for us – and we promise – it sounded as good as it looks.

We were in a mad rush to catch the train back to Tokyo when we passed the shop – and translation problems meant we couldn’t drive down hard into detail. But you can find Spymonkey on Facebook for more infos – it’s worth checking the site out for some great looking projects and customer bikes.

The idea of a tweaked monkey bike is delicious. Tons of power in a small, light package.

That’s surely been the goal of every designer, tuner and builder of performance ve-hickles since the very beginning.