BMW 8 Series


The 8 Series BMW never really took off, but we’re not sure why. Aimed at a more aspirational, higher-end market than the 6 series, its design, without the ‘B’ pillar and with that unusually raked front end with popups was sippery and rigid and for us recalled the best of the earlier CS series Beemer coupés.

When we had a go on a ridiculously burly 850 a couple of years ago we were amazed by the positivity of its handling : despite its kerb weight – augmented by every conceivable high-value spec imaginable.

Whether or not they had a place in Beemer’s roster, and whether or not a new 8 series ever makes it to production (we think not), we reckon the audacity of owning a V12 Beemer coupé is an aspiration to which every passionate motorist should aspire!

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