Brabham BT-92


We can’t really work out how this thing came to be.

But in around 2009-10 a few editions of a carbon bodied, hopped engined M3 coupé were produced with the Brabham moniker attached.

The Australian F1 totem wasn’t necessarily involved in the build or the branding – and by all accounts the tweaked running gear didn’t roll well with the boosted performance – and the carbon body – a simulacra of the original BMW architecture – was not at all successful in taming the twist and punch of all that power.

So: to call it a BMW would have been a travesty – and to call it a Brabham would be a nonsense in itself.

This is one of those rare mutants that fits only betwixt and between categories – neither a tuned up prod mod or a factory special – neither a diffusion edition of an F1 marque or a wholly new super car sleeper.

We like the flared stance and the idea that it’s a lonely edition of an already iconic car whose supercar pretence snuffed itself out of existence. We can’t really find out if any of these were sold. It either made someone – or lost someone a lot of money.

Any other info is appreciated…