Citroen GT: Fantasy to become Reality?



Citroen came to London last week to show off their GT concept which had been designed for the new Grand Turismo ‘street circuit’ featured in Gran Turismo 5 – the new PLAYSTATION 3 driving game.

The virtual-turned-reality supercar ‘swapped pixels for Piccadilly’ as put lovingly by the Citroen Press Office, as it swept through the world famous circus, toured Regent Street, rounded Trafalgar Square and cruised down the Mall past Buckingham Palace.

The result of a partnership between Citroën and Sony Computer Entertainment, the GT by CITROËN concept measures nearly five metres long and just over a metre high with a wire-frame design featuring rear air-diffuser, horizontal LED headlamps, gull wing doors and diamond-effect 21s.

The cabin offers “a refined racing experience” with copper, steel and black leather finishes combined with hi-tech racing controls.


Now, according to reports in the mainstream motoring press Citroen has decided to put the GT supercar concept into limited production.

The project was believed to have been given the green light last week by the company’s product boss Vincent Besson. Only six Citroen GTs will be made, and rumour has it that the car will cost around £1.1 million pounds.

Virtual reality has begun to play more and more into the hands of the real-time engineers of existence.

Shame the stratospheric price tag makes it about as likely that you will drive the GT as you will upload yourself into the Playstation and win Gran Turismo in a 512 BB.