Gumpert Apollo Sport


He was the young athletic one, was Apollo.

He jumped in his chariot every morning and dragged the sun across the sky to give us the day.

Well we’re no astrophysicists here but if you’re looking for something with enough horse power to drag celestial bodies around then at 710 bhp the Gumpert Apollo Sport would be a good choice.

When applying the lyrical wax to these super spec street racing machines it is all too easy to slather them with superlatives; fastest, most expensive etc….so perhaps best let the camera do the talking.

By looks alone you know it’s going to cost more than your house, get you to 60mph in under three seconds and reach a hair-raising top speed (nearly 225mph).

This car is of course, the brilliantly charismatic Roland Gumpert, pictured here, who basically invented the Audi Quattro and turned up the Group B dial up to eleven.


Where it differs from rivals such as McLaren and Bugatti is that it lacks the luxury interior trim and add-ons, this is a pure no frills speed machine. We are forever in Mr Gumpert’s debt.

But I’m afraid that means there’s no tow bar Apollo.

So get back in your chariot.