Crowe Customs


We came across Crowe Customs delightful documentation of all things lathe-ish and metalspun while admiring Benji Wagner’s rather nice photoblog. Benji is a west coast photographer and purveyor of fine outdoorsy type gear in the shape of the Poler brand, and he happens to be a mate of the Oregon custom bike builder.

Our favourite in his small collection of bikes is definitely the CB 750 with the Cafe treatment – we’re not sure if its derived from an original seventies 750 Four (the one with the four pipes all the way to the rear) or whether that lovely exhaust set up is a purely creative act.

Our growing crush on twin potted BMWs given scramblerish makeovers continues too, though, with the work in progress documented here.

We have to admit that the online appeal of these passionate little outfits is bolstered by the relative quality of presentation; both photographically and in terms of the way their sites are built.

We think the talented Mr Wagner might have something to do with the former in the case of Crowe Customs.