Dirt Track Racing


The world of independent minded motorcycling is expressing itself all over the planet. One of the places where you can witness the character of this new wave of greasy sideways sliders is the Dirt Track Racing scene.

Our friends at indie motorcycle mag Sideburn wanted to support the Dirt Track Riders Association, a grassroots group at the heart of the scene that promotes dirt track racing in the UK. Their idea was commission a different artist to create a race poster for each of the rounds.

Three UK and one Australian artists have been commissioned and three posters are in circulation. The artists are Ryan Quickfall, Essy May, Adi Gilbert and Adam Nickel.


The posters are very different to normal motorcycle race efforts and light years away from previous UK dirt track race posters. The artists are given a very loose brief and so create something that is certain to be lodged into the burgeoning culture surrounding the scene. The hope is artwork will be desemenated across the internet and social media ports and attract news fans to the sport.

The by-product is supporting some of Sideburn’s favourite artists and illustrators and spreading their work far and wide. Power to their elbow.