Dirty Classics


It has occurred to us before that obsessional cleanliness when it comes to cars, is overrated. It might be fine for the concours comp, but there’s something sterile about a vacuum packed, aspic-stored beauty that detracts. And stumbling across this beautifully used Ferrari 250MM (at least we think that’s what it is) it set us on a search for some other well used wonders of the automotive world.

Like everything of beauty, a graceful kind of patina only increases the intensity of the love we feel. When you take one of these miracles of design and engineering and use them for the purpose they were intended for, the true, underlying beauty of their stance shines through.

There’s nothing like despoiling that crisp, new car shine with some intense driving – and then recreating the gleam – before starting the whole process all over again.

Something appealing about despoiled beauty that beats airbrushed glamour every time. Do yourself a favour and get out in that classic this summer – even if the rain continues to fall…