Ferrari Phantasia



Looking at press images of the new ‘La Ferrari’ hypercar, we couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to the 250P5/6 Pinin/Ferrari concept from way back in 1968.

We’ve said before how the period of the late sixties and early seventies were so ridiculously groundbreaking in terms of car design – but now we can really see how the strides that were taken around 45 years ago in the Carrozzeria of northern Italy really were building up a supply of outlandish future truths.

The tech is ludicrously honed, but the format V12 in the rear and scissor/gullwing doors, with a plethora of scoops, wings, louvres and intakes – is the same as was dreamt up back in those psychedelic days.

Apparently this body was, however, developed in-house at Ferrari and was woven into the race programme and tempered by the engineering department too.

Good design last decades; and now the tech has caught up with the dreams of designers, of the summer of love and beyond.