Ford Concepts


Stumbled across the amusing video at the bottom of this post this morning on the lovely iedei blog.

The edit brings out a dynamic evocation of the sort of boomtime economy style thinking that produced a futurist, expansive design philosophy sensibility. It’s a clue to why the sixties and seventies were such an inspired period in car design.

And check out these guys – the Madmen-like representation of Ford’s daring design team of the era. You can almost hear the Martinis being shaken in the background and the expense accounts heaving under the weight of the long lunches these guys must have enjoyed.

Bet the guys in the equivalent offices aren’t wearing suits as sharp as this – let alone penning car designs that approach the daring of the cars that were sketched in these offices – like the Mustang concept of 1962 (top) or the Cougar of the same era (below).