Hail the Mazda RX-3



There’s a lot of people who can’t get enough of this boxy Japanese saloon from the 1970s. We think it has something to do with the simplicity of the three box form, which perhaps found its purest expression in these cars – and is almost wholly absent from the crurrent generation of forum-designed, digitally rendered focus-group tested new machines.

If drag factor and flow convergence are the new design tyrannies – then the simple three box solution ruled in the analogue age.

Of all the sarariman staples of the era the Mazda RX 3 is perhaps the most interesting. Clashing head-to-head with the iconic Skyline throughout the seventies in Japanese motorsport, they came with a high-revving, super reliable rotary engine that ensured that Nissan were given a run for their money on track.

And as far as marketing goes, we’re digging the way the RX 3 was sold. Unashamed racey DNA encoded in an everyman’s body: a sure fire hit for generations of boy racers.

The RX3 is a less-obvious choice for a connoisseur collector of Japanese muscle.