Hillman Zimp


The impish little Hillman holds a special place in our hearts here at Influx towers – and so does the noble carozzeria Zagato. So, we’re not sure how we missed the short run, pirate collab between the two institutions.

Thing is, Zagato, apparently, never actually officially signed a deal with Hillman’s owner Chrysler to wave the stylish wand over the imp.

A British company on the other hand supplied two second hand Imps to Italy in 1964 – driving them to Zagato’s garage door in Milan so that the panel bashers could restyle the shell ready for the Earls Court motorshow of that year.

When Chrysler found out, according to specialist site Imps 4 Ever , the corporate suits strangled its illegitimate baby before it had the chance to properly shine.

Shame. The little rascal had all the character of the Lancia Fulvia, and retained that little bit of magic that would have, had it gone into production, ensured its classic status.