Honda CRZ: Believe


There has been rampant skepticism towards Honda’s forthcoming CRZ Hybrid – mostly revolving around wether or not a truly sporty, exciting hybrid is a contradiction.

But even if the CRZ’s performance levels or fuel-efficiency will be  particularly noteworthy we are loving  Honda’s unique approach – one that combines passion and technological exactitude and packages it all in brilliant design.

We think much of the skepticism comes from widespread disappointment with Honda’s frustrating and contradictory withdrawal from top line Motor Racing as well as the axing of the extremely fun S2000.

But even if the CRZ was a straight-ahead, fuel guzzling sportster we would still love the look of it. And knowing Honda’s sensitivity to driver’s needs, its bound to be a riot on the road.

Surely then, it’s better to have the option of a hybrid drive train than to not have it? The blending of fun and responsibility must be one of the most viable motoring futures.