Friday Bike Crush #3


We’ve been obsessed with this bike for months.

It’s basically , a stripped-down Honda Dominator with the street tracker treatment – that amounts to a a sliced off rear subframe, a big headlight, some nice little extras and loads of extraneous plastic stuff stripped off.

There’s something about this Street Tracker style that’s captured out imaginations.

The fellow who built this particular beauty has been kind enough to stick a brief ‘how-to’ story on his blog so that the fettlers amongst you can take inspiration and do one of these for yourselves.

The ‘Elsinore’ moniker for the uninitiated refers to the mentalist off road Grand prix held in Elsinore California (not sure if it still a regular occurrence) and that featured so beautifully in the constantly referred documentary on American bike culture On Any Sunday (below).

Dreaming of a sunny weekend …