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Our new print project is back from press. We couldn’t be more chuffed. There’s something about the process of putting together words, pictures and artwork together on a printed page that transcends the ethereal buzz of a reblog or a Instagram shout. 

The idea at the heart of this very special edition was simple. We commission a number of our favourite artists, writers and photographers (old friends as well as some fresh new talents). We make a large print newsprint format paper to showcase the work, as well as hanging it in a gallery. We get some people together and celebrate.
If you happen to be in the London area tonight, do yourself a favour and come and pic up a print edition and enjoy the work, some films, some music and some hotdogs too. Oh, and there’s oodles of libation to work through.
Two wheels move the soul, four wheels move the body. 4 times 2 equals 8.
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