Interior Worlds


Having spent the last week or so belting about in the rather sublime B road bad boy that is the Mitsubishi Evo X, which has a rather spartan, rather lacklustre interior, (stay tuned later this week for more on one of our favourite everyman heroes), we’ve been finding ourselves longing for a cosy, testosterone-enriched mancave of a cabin like one of these.

The example of sixties American futurism is a crossbreed in fact: the 1963 Chevy Corvair Testudo was a design study by Carrozeria Bertone that took a space-age piece of Americana and gave it the Turin design treatment.

The Lancia Sibilo concept, meanwhile, was a typically outrageous seventies evolution, also from Bertone, of what had been the groundbreaking Stratos.

For some reason, the Stratos wasn’t seen as good enough for the futurists. They just couldn’t let it lie! Was there something about the seventies that made the leather extra luscious?

The Maserati=engined Citroen collab of the seventies that was the SM (above) is, of course, the ultimate in cool interiors that actually made it out on to the road. Bless that Franco-Italian aesthetic that defined what it was to build a car interior that you wanted to spend time in, not just fill up the spaces in your day.

We’re looking forward to the return of this sort of modernism …