Is this the Ultimate Driving Music?


It’s an often debated subject, but we think we recently stumbled across what must be THE ultimate highway driving tune.

Krautrock supergroup Can might not be everyone’s cup of Java, but on a particularly wet, particularly clear night highway earlier this week, we pressed random on the shuffle button and this incredible tune weaved its way into the Bose.

Suffice it to say, it has been on heavy rotation ever since.

I might not have been driving the Wagnerian road going Porsche 917 (pictured above), which, of course dates from around the time Can were doing their hairy thing, but man alive wouldn’t it be a blast to drive, say, from Paris to Berlin in this machine, with this epic track weaving in and out of your noggin?

Any other suggestions for car/music/driving combos, feel free to hit us up!