Jensen: Beauty or Beast?


Having had a lot of feedback from our dear readers as to wether or not the Jensen Interceptor is one of the ultimate cars of the sixties, we delved into our memories (as well as the image files) to reassess the whole Jensen thing.

And what we’ve come up with is an even split. Some of us love that awkward, oddly crass countryman sportiness of the marque – from the slant-eyed C-V8 (an uncle of mine had one in the seventies in racing green, loved it), through the phallic Interceptor and the off-beat Healey ragtop.

There’s a sort of juxtaposition in Jensens, a schism between the Italianate design influences, the Detroit-bred drivetrains and the walnut-clad Englishness that either jars or resounds in you according to your perspective.

Ultimately, we think there should be an Interceptor in the dream garage; but that it would only come out and see the light of day when one was in a particular, devil may care mood.

What do you think?


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