Joe Goode’s Car Calendar


Joe Goode car calendar

We at Influx towers are always looking at interesting ways of presenting stories of people and their cars.

And in the daily hunt for things that inspire us, we recently stumbled upon Joe Goode’s simple but lovely way of presenting a calendar.

The piece dates from the end of the  1960s. All he did was photograph twelve of his friends in a simple square format in their cars. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the individual photos in themselves. For a while we were scratching our heads trying to work out what is so nice about this little piece of incedental automotive art.

Then, it dawned on us. What makes this little piece of interesting is the variety of design in each individual car. That individuality seems to reflect and feed back upon the personality of the person sitting in the car.

The obvious question is: if you attempted to replicate this project in twelve straight-ahead contemporary cars, would the piece be half as interesting?

Rest assured in a spirit of experimentation we’re going to try to do just that.

Watch this space for 2010 update of Joe’s forty year old offering.