John Steed’s Big Cat


We make no bones about it. We love all things Jag.

In fact we love the touchstone British brand so much that we’re going to dedicate a whole month’s worth of features on the subject.

From July 15 All things Jag will be emblazoned across these portals. Stay tuned for that.

But in the meantime we couldn’t resist sharing with you the spectacularly burly lines of John Steed’s XJ12 C from weird seventies special agent series The New Avengers.

This was a tweaked, tuned and pumped version of Jag’s pillarless XJ Coupé that rocked its delightful dozen cylinders to the tune of 5.3 litres.

The most famous of these british beauties was of course the Broadspeed Racing prepared version (above).

A handful of these 550 horsepower beauties were fielded in the late seventies by the much maligned British Leyland. Apparently they set good qualification times but reliability issues meant they were never very successful.

Same old Leyland story then.

Finished in British Racing Green and driven by an elegant man in Savlle Row tailoring and a bowler hat as seen in the video below we think you’ll agree this car takes the biscuit.

By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, of course.