Tomter on Cars



We like the way  Norwegian photographer Jorn Tomter shoots people and cars. There’s something quirky, something uninflected about his approach. So often, it’s easy to slip into the multiple clichés of the car marketing universe. Jorn avoids this nicely. We caught up with him recently and asked him what is what.

Influx_What do you like about shooting cars?
Jorn Tomter_They are never shy.

IN_Do you think a person’s personality is reflected in the car they drive?
JT_Definitely. You would never see Alan Sugar in a 2CV would you?

IN_What do you drive?
JT_Right now I am cycling.

IN_What would you LIKE to Drive?
JT_ A Bristol on the weekend and TVR during the week.

IN_Are you a good driver?
JT_My mum says I am a very good driver. My wife says I am not so good. Personally I think I am pretty good.

IN_Are all Norwegians good drivers, like the Finns?
JT_No. One of my best friends in Norway is the editor for an award winning car magazine. I don’t think he is very good. At least he is very bad at parking. One thing that annoys me with Norwegian drivers in general is that hardly anyone knows how to drive on a three lane motorway. They are all in the middle lane and the right lane is almost always empty.

Check out more of Jorn’s work here and look out for our forthcoming print magazine for more loveliness from JT.