Ken Okuyama Kode 9

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Ken Kikoyuki Okuyama is a master of automotive penmanship.

If you don’t believe me – have a look at his most famous work.


Yes – Okuyama-san is responsible, with employers Pininfarina, for the brutally outrageous pinnacle of Ferrari audacity – The Enzo.

The ultimate Maranello supercar might not be to everyone’s taste – but when you realise the Enzo is wrought with the Godzilla aesthetic of our nightmares, then it all falls into place. This is wear the Enzo’s aesthetic edge comes from.

Okuyama lifted the veil on his own labeled creation at the Tokyo show in 2013. And we’re not really sold on the whole package – but we dig the rear end, complete with fin – that is for us reminiscent of the late sixties Vette coupés.

A fascinating creation.