LA Crash

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No city in the world is more geared toward the motor car than Los Angeles.

It’s a commonplace to discuss the fact that the vast majority of Angelino interactions take place through the windows of a car; that no one walks the streets except for the homeless and the insane; that the gridlocked future is happening right now in LA.

Mirko Martin, who originally hails from Germany, has been photographing the dystopia created by a city’s over-reliance on cars since 2006.

There are 55 photos to date in his LA Crash series – and as well as featuring the twisted wreckage of Detroit steel, some of the most interesting images focus on the human reactions to mechanical collision.

Captured by chance encounters on LA’s strangely familiar streets (you’ve seen them on a thousand  cop movies), they nonetheless appear as if stills from a movie set, bathed in the hyper-real light light of  Hollywood.


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