Maserati 250 S


It’s difficult not to make a fetish out of mid-fifties racing car design. I mean, just look at the carnally gorgeous lines and the immaculate finish of this 1957 Maserati 250 S.

With clear reference to Jaguar D-type‘s all-conquering design: this Maserati has been immaculately restored to better than original, ready for auction at RM this September.

Classically beautiful undulations....
Classically beautiful undulations….

Apparently just a handful of these cars were made for customers in the mid fifties – including US racing hero Carroll Shelby. The 250 S was a more powerful version of the road going 200S – and featured an inline six-cylinder engine that could produce 250 Horsepower and a top speed for the car of around 160 MPH.

Pricing and reserve etc hasn’t been released yet – but think Central London mansion house prices. Perchance to dream.