McLaren: the power and the glory


We make no secret of our passion for McLaren. Our love of the racing brand went to new heights when we got up close and personal with all the important cars in the company’s entire history at the this year’s Autosport International show.

McLaren’s stand was spectacular, and allowed punters to see, smell ( and even, surreptitiously touch) the brilliantly maintained back catalogue of beautiful, championship winning cars.

I must admit, seeing the actual MP4/4, MP4/5 and MP4/5B cars piloted by Senna, Prost and Berger in those devastating F1 seasons of 1988, 1989 and 1990 made us genuinely emotional.

Call us old fashioned, but the power and the glory of what went on in these machines is something that needs to be acknowledged and referenced continually. Mclaren do a great job doing just that.

So, when we stumbled upon this very pleasing image of the MP4/5 B recently, we had to post, and repost the spectacular driving of the great Brazilian driver at the wheel.

Enjoy. Again and again.