Mick Ofield Art

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The precision motorcycle illustrator captures the nuts and bolts perfectly

You may have come across Mick Ofield’s work in the lovely Sideburn mag.

Mick is the artist who draws these lovely schematic blueprints in the best ‘Ride Fast, Turn Left’ magazine in the world. But in an idle moment this morning we came across some of Mick’s raw pieces of draughtsmanship, and they had us smiling.


We’ve thought for a long time that the enduring appeal of motorcycles in their relatively easy to understand mechanicity. And no one gets this simplicity and directness better than Mr Ofield.

To say he probably got top marks in Technical Drawing at school as a kid is the understatement of the year.

Power to his highly precise pencil, thanks to Sideburn for bringing the work to our attention – and happy weekend!