Moon Shines


In case you’ve been buried under a rock these past years, you can’t help have noticed that there’s a real Hot Rod revival going on, with vintage events cropping up all over the place.

Core festivals like the Hayride are becoming more and more popular – and the forties and fifties are becoming the decades referenced by the most creative recyclers of culture.

And amid a subculture that lives and breathes on heritage brands, there’s something about those Moon eyes.
We hate using the word, but this brand really is iconic.

Great timing then, for French- based connoisseur of Rod Culture Laurent Bagnard to bring out a book that delves into the venerable archive of the Moon’s brand history.

Dean Moon, born in 1927, was one of the genuine pioneers of Hot Rodding, and built a company that became synonymous with the coolest bolt- on accessories, particularly those foot- shaped gas pedals (with five toes and all) those matt silver moon disc wheel trims.

But while these very visible trinkets probably made the company most of their money, Mr. Moon was apparently responsible for hopping up many successful dragsters and Bonneville rides.

In the sixties, according to the author Moon- equipped engines were even known to make it into Formula one cars.

The book is sure to become a must-have for the car culture geek.