Cars As Movie Stars


It’s a bit of a cliché to say that cars are often the stars of many a movie.

But sometimes its not the tyre smoking rubber-laying car-chase moments through cinematic streets that are the lasting impressions.

There was, for example , the spooky Lambo is Roger Moore’s pre-bond performance in the Man Who Haunted Himself..

And Harvey Keitel’s NSX driving trouble shooter was the coolest character in Pulp Fiction.

Dustin Hoffman’s classic portrayal or a privileged kid in his Alfa Duetto is a more immediately iconic moment.

In Louis Malle’s first film Lift to the Scaffold the cars are only outdone by the cool moodiness of the Miles Davis soundtrack.

The strangely balletic duel however, between the 911 and the Alfa Montreal, is ruined by an awful hurdy gurdy soundtrack .

We think that the car driven by the eponymous antihero of The Day of the Jackal is an Alfa Guilietta Spider, but we can’t be sure.

Anyway, it’s a killer car and a killer thriller.

Sometimes its the more fleeting, less in-your-face car characterisations that burn into the brain.