Mystery Pininfarina Curvitude


Every now and then we stumble upon an image that beguils as well as excites.

Out of all the beautifully-rendered concept cars from the period of the late sixties and the early seventies, this is one of the most mysterious we’ve come across.

Looking closely at the badge on the rear three quarter panel you can see it says ‘Fiat Abarth 2000’ – and the Pininfarina logo is in its usual place on the side panel toward the bow. But extensive consultation of our friend Mr Wikipedia, as well as Pininfarina and Abarth web manifestations, cannot shore up any record of what this car whatsoever.

Seems that the blogosphere has reached a similar fact-free postages of what is an undoubtedly one of those concepts that was influenced by and influenced in turn cars from designers like Bertone and Ghia and Zagato.

Almost all of the leading Italian coach-builders were outdoing one another in the audacity of their futuristic designs. The era seemed to be all about pushing possibilities of late 20th century motoring in exquisitely curved steel.

The louvres on the engine cowling, the flip-top lid as well as the trumpet-like exhaust recall some more familiar experiments of the era – particularly Pininfarina’s own space-mobile the Modulo but this red beauty seems to exist on an entirely different plane.

Perhaps it was a hallucination that crystallised in a fashion photographer’s lens – or perhaps there’s a gaping hole in our retro-motoring knowledge.

Any more information our dear readers may be able to offer is of course, more than welcome.